Nuovo sito Spada - Spada Media Group

Spada Media Group continues to grow!

New site, new logo, new talent

Here we are at last: with great excitement, we announce the launch of our new website!

This change reflects our continued business growth and goals of renewing our services, capable of intercepting and anticipating industry trends.
Our new site was conceived with a focus on user experience and user interface: with an attractive design and quick and easy usability, it guides users through an intuitive path to discover our expertise, which ranges from media strategy to digital marketing, through creativity to the organization of press and corporate events.
We have designed tailored pathways that make it easy to find content of interest. Technical information is also supplemented by more descriptive contributions to emphasize not only “what we do,” but also “how and why we do it,” delving into the creative processes and values behind our projects.

Identity & Restyling: our new logo

Our new logo has it all: it is our hallmark that tells who we are and what we do. Today with even more dynamism and completeness. We are communication, thought and content. We are speed, because we never stop. We are creativity, passion and contamination.

Five icons that tell the story of our business units: Media, Digital, Creativity, Press Office and Event Organization. Five souls that make up our team, made up of many different talents. Together we manage to be an excellent partner alongside our clients, sharing a path of continuous growth and innovation-our new logo speaks to just that!

Talent and passion: the strength of our Team

In an increasingly digital market, where AI will have more and more weight, the human factor remains indispensable for us: thanks to the creativity and skills of the people who work with us, innovation is possible and continuous.
And just as our image is being renewed, so too is our team continuing its growth.
It is precisely the talents that make up our team that make the difference: in fact, each team collaborates with the others to bring cross-media projects to life through an open, dynamic and efficient way of working.
We focus on constant updating and training to implement projects and solutions that meet customers’ needs by anticipating digital trends and always bringing concrete results for the companies that rely on us.

In short, we are always on the move–the only way to go at the same speed as our industry! And you, what new projects do you have in mind? Let’s talk about it! Contact us to find out how we can come alongside you.

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