Spada Media Group is authorized as a supplier on the Acquisti in Rete PA system, the Public Administration portal created by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) dedicated to online purchases that simplifies the supply and purchase processes in an innovative and transparent way. , supporting the Administrations in the management of purchasing processes, through e-procurement solutions.

Acquisti in Rete is the Portal where all the activities of the Program take place: from the conduct of tenders to the qualification of companies, from the publication of catalogs of offers to the purchases of P.A. As a qualified and certified supplier of the Purchasing on the Net program, Spada Media Group can participate in tenders and offers its services to the Public Administration. through:

Agreements: contracts entered into by Consip, on behalf of the MEF, which allow the Administrations to make purchases directly from the suppliers winning the tender, at the established conditions and prices, until the quantity or total amount defined is reached. Purchases under the agreement can be below or above the Community threshold.

Framework agreements: these are framework contracts awarded by Consip to one or more suppliers, following the publication of specific tenders. On the basis of the conditions set by Consip in the Call, the Administrations can carry out their own tenders (Specific tenders).

– Electronic market: a digital market in which Administrations can procure goods, services and maintenance work offered by authorized suppliers, for amounts below the Community threshold.

– Dynamic system: an open and flexible digital market in which it is possible to carry out an entirely electronic acquisition process for amounts above the Community threshold. The participation requirements to enable the suppliers that the Administrations can then invite to participate in the Specific Contracts are defined in the tender.




The Program for the rationalization of purchases in the Public Administration was born following the 2000 Budget Law – Law no. 488. Subsequent laws have expanded and changed the scope of application.