Spada Media Group is an advertising and media agency based in the province of Milan but serving clients on both local and national level.


What is an Advertising Agency?

An advertising agency creates and manages the media plan: an integration of communication activities carried out through all media (offline and online) such as Television, Radio, Out Of Home, Press and Web. Our agency is partner of the main Italian media groups such as Rai, Mediaset, Discovery, Sky, as well as Radio 105, RDS, RTL 102.5, Radio Deejay, and for the press, just to name a few, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Vogue, and many others.

In particular, Spada Media Group specializes in creation and management of ‘’Out of home” communication campaigns. We offer planning services for billboards campaigns on all formats, with particular attention to dynamic advertising on trams and buses but also maxi-billboards in places of great transit such as airports, stations, sports facilities and large shopping centers.


Entering the Italian market with advertising campaigns

Relying on an advertising agency based in Italy is now a recommended step to take for international businesses which take care of the promotion of their brand and marketing activities in Italy. Relying on a single player to coordinate multiple advertising activities speeds up and streamlines the bureaucratic steps and above all, ensures consistency in the communication of corporate identity.

Managing advertising on behalf of a company is not easy: you need to know the market trend, what are the current trends, what future advertising developments will be, what the end user wants, etc.

For these reasons, Spada Media Group has developed an approach that, starting from the analysis of the media and targets, allows the creation of the most effective advertising planning for the client company:

  • Analysis: studying different communication channels and evaluation of the audience of the individual media.
  • Media Planning: planning integrated communication campaigns across all media, in line with the client’s target and communication objectives.
  • Media Buying: negotiating spaces, positioning, rotation of subjects, number of releases and costs with advertising agencies.
  • Monitoring: checking the progress of communication campaigns, verifying that methods, times and results correspond to what was planned upstream.

In addition to offering a consultancy service and a professional media planning and strategy activity for each client, Spada Media Group also deals with the realization of the creative layout. The agency’s media centre can in fact count on a team of copywriters, videomakers and graphic designers specialized in all types of advertising communication.


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