If you want to plan an advertising campaign to promote your brand or a specific product in Italy, our advertising agency based in Milan is able not only to offer you strategic advices, but also to plan and implement these on every possible media, from traditional ones such as billboards and dynamic advertising on buses and trams, to new digital media, such as social media, real time bidding), direct email marketing and search engine marketing.

“Out of home” advertising campaigns

Thanks to its know-how, Spada Agency is able to structure advertising campaigns on owned billboards, guaranteeing the best possible coverage in the area of ​​your interest. Billboard campaigns maximize their potential, especially if carried out in synergy with dynamic campaigns on public transport: in this way, you can be sure that the message covers the desired area in an incisive and effective way. This type of advertising campaign is in fact usually used when you want to “hit” a specific well-located area; if instead you want to select your target based on other criteria, digital tools offer different solutions.

DEM, SEM: the heart of digital campaigns

A Direct Email Marketing (DEM) advertising campaign consists of sending commercial e-mails or text messages – informative or containing event invitations – to a large number of users through the use of databases differentiated by type of contact (the cataloging criteria can be varied, like area of ​​residence, work, type of customer etc…). This tool is particularly effective used “one-off” for specific events or promotions.

The search engine marketing (SEM) instead, as indicated by the name, includes the set of marketing strategies applicable to search engines to make your website (or commercial offers and promotions) visible to users who carry out searches on the net selected through keyword. In recent years, the SEM has ended up coinciding with the use of the Google Ads tool for the creation of advertising campaigns on Google.

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