Despite the growing use of new digital media in the field of marketing, advertising posters remain a valid tool to promote brands and companies in a targeted and effective way on the territory. Advertising posters maximize their communication potential if well designed, positioned, and included in a structured and coherent communication plan, for this reason it is important to rely on professionals who are able not only to deal with graphic production, but also to offer a strategic consultancy in planning and buying.

Spada Media Group, thanks to its graphic design department, creates advertising layouts specifically for out of home campaigns by choosing the right colors, the most appropriate text and the most suitable graphic solutions for this type of media, favoring the readability and impact of the message to be conveyed. In addition to the production phase, the Agency also offers planning and buying services thanks to know-how and experience gained over the years in advertising campaigns both static and on public transport on Milan and province.

OOH advertising includes advertising tables on public transport, buses and trams, near underground stops or at the platform level, as well as billboards located in key points of the city transited by large flows of people.

In short, the world of communication is far from being able to do without OOH advertising, that remains one of the  most adv media used even by international brands. To find out more about this or other services offered by the Agency, you can contact us through our dedicated area by clicking here.