Advertising Billboards: create you campaign

The core of advertising is represented by the OOH (Out Of Home)

Thanks to the widespread presence of sites that can be purchased, it is possible to reach a broad and transversal target of prospects. Keeping the public attention alive, making the brand image recognizable and strengthened, is simple, especially in big cities such as Milan and Monza, Rome, Turin or Naples, where both car and pedestrian traffic is high.

Billboards are in fact strategically positioned to intercept people on the most popular routes and, with a proper campaign layout, they can catch the attention and create memory  in the viewer.

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    Milan – Integral decorated tram – Purobio Cosmetics Campaign

    Types and formats of advertising billboards

    The formats on which  is possible to carry out an advertising campaign are different: maxi sites, or standard billboard such as 48 sheets,  small formats on light poles, LED screens, banners, installations on railway overpasses and road signs for permanent and temporary advertising (with a minimum on air period of 14 days, established at national level).

    Other possibilities of OOH advertising are located in places of transits, such as stations, shopping malls, airports, where it is also possible to intercept international clients.

    Advertising billboards prices

    The costs of a billboard campaign in Italy are highly variable and depend on several factors. The first one is the type of vehicle on which you want to set up the campaign: standard billboards, underground, buses, maxi billboards, digital OOH, etc. The second one is the period and the duration of the campaign together with the extension of its geographical area.

    Campaigns on outdoor vehicles can be scheduled for 14 days in 14 days while for the area, it is possible to plan both at the level of the individual city and region or on the whole national territory.

    The type of billboard campaign and the related budget to be invested must therefore take into account many factors, for this reason a specific estimate is required for each advertising campaign.

    Milano – Poster 10×16,5

    Why choose Spada Media Group for your billboard advertising?

    The Media Agency team in Spada Media Group implements the whole process of realization of an OOH campaign. The steps that the Media agency puts in place are: the strategic planning of adv sites, graphic design, production and posting of every kind of format or billboards.

    Spada Media Group supports customers in all phases, from the planning to the posting and the related production of proofs of posting, that certify the on air of the campaign.

    To carry out a complete “out of home” advertising campaign and obtain excellent results, it is possible to plan advertising with buses and trams with Spada Media Group.

    Formats and veichle selection

    The specialists of our Advertising Agency in Milan analyze the objectives and targets of the clients to propose the most effective and efficient media and positions. The service includes the selection of the most impactful positions in a given geographical area, in order to reach the best visibility of the campaign according to the budget.

    Creative layout preparation

    Graphic designers support customers in the creation of layouts for static and dynamic OOH campaigns, through the collection of the brief and the creation of graphic proposals. After obtaining approval from the customer on the graphics, and after the campaign is booked, the graphic department produces and delivers to the printers all the executives formats according to the technical specifications.

    Booking and airing

    The Media Agency specialists follow the campaign’s airing step by step and monitor the correct running of the campaign, after booking the spaces and negotiating the best costs for advertising positions.

    Verification and production of POPs (proof of posting)

    Spada Media Group provides the site list, e.g. the precise addresses of static positions, or covered areas (in case of transit campaigns)  on which the campaign will go on air. During the on air, photographs will be taken as proof of posting (POPs) and the customer will receive the photographic report.

    Available networks and formats for billboards advertising

    It is possible to program networks of various sites, in various formats, from standard to maxi-billboards, covering the city thanks to dynamic advertising on buses and trams, or advertising in transit areas (subways and stations). The Media Agency specialists have access to modern planning software and official audience data of each OOH media.