Billboards at the airport to reach a large target ready for consumption

Airports represent an interesting advertising opportunity for the visibility of companies and their expanding brands. Not only because there are different possible solutions, from billboards to digital commercials, but also reference environment allows for greater consumer interest.

The airport is considered a “premium” environment in which passengers have both time and mental readiness to invest in advertising messages. This positive state of mind, also due to the possibility of shopping in a welcoming environment, favors the perception of various advertising solutions.

The advertising systems are positioned with the aim of promoting brands and products to travelers and all the people who work in airports. Furthermore, the systems are all backlit and digital capable of covering a large area, from the outdoor area to check-in, up to departures and arrivals.

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Digital display – Airport

Airport advertising in Italy: multiple benefits

The airport target is very large and is considered to be of medium-high level. According to some data, young passengers, whose age range is between 25 and 54, is 59% while 25%, considering their profession, is represented by office workers (source: TSSP – Gfk).

The wait is another element to consider: it is estimated that 40% of passengers arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight, the time available is therefore a lot and most prefer to spend it shopping in the various outlets of the structures. It is therefore an excellent and concrete advertising opportunity (source: JCDecaux 2019 Airports research).
Finally, the perception of advertising spaces is greater, so much so that 73% believe that they are able to entertain the audience in the parking areas (source: JCDecaux 2019 Airports research).

You can plan an advertising campaign at each of the Italian airports listed below:

Aeroporto Fiumicino
Aeroporto Ciampino
Milano Malpensa
Milano Linate
Bergamo Orio al Serio
Venezia Marco Polo
Aeroporto Napoli Capodicihino
Aeroporto Catania
Aeroporto Bologna
Aeroporto Palermo
Aeroporto Bari
Torino Caselle
Aeroporto Cagliari
Aeroporto Firenze
Aeroporto Lamezia Terme
Aeroporto Genova