Aeroporto Milano Malpensa

Milano-Malpensa airport is the international and intercontinental airport of the entire Lombardy region, as well as the main airport in northern Italy. It is province of Varese and is more than 50 km from Milan. It takes its name from the locality of one of the municipalities it crosses, Cascina Malpensa.

There are two passenger terminals: Terminal 1 handles 70% of air traffic thanks to various major airlines including Alitalia, Air France, Air China and American Airlines; Terminal 2, on the other hand, is dedicated to Easy Jet other lowcost lines. The most popular European destinations are cities like Paris and Barcelona, ​​while the international ones are New York and Dubai. The terminal dedicated to the transport of goods is Malpensa Cargo City, with FedEx and DHL storage warehouses.

Milano Malpensa, with over 26 million passengers, 73% of which are Italian, is the second Italian airport by number of passengers after Rome Fiumicino. The majority travel for personal pleasure and are between 35 and 54 years old.


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    Among the services for travelers there is also a large shopping area and three “squares” where it is possible to buy food, cosmetics or clothing as well as various points for catering. In addition to VIP services such as Vip Lounge there is also Malpensa Center, which allows you to have conference rooms and meeting rooms inside the structure.

    In addition to basic services such as parking and dining options, there are also various businesses, car rental companies and a free wi-fi service.

    It is possible to purchase static advertising positions, such as backlit systems, or even digital advertising screen circuits. The latter broadcast simultaneously on a series of screens located in different areas of the airport, and are shared with other customers in rotation.

    For optimal advertising coverage, we recommend 30-day campaigns with an investment between € 20,000 and € 50,000 + VAT (the price is indicative and subject to variables such as positioning of the systems, area manned, seasonality and availability). In some periods of the year it is also possible to win last-minute advertising at much lower costs. If you are interested in an advertising campaign inside Milan Malpensa airport, it is therefore advisable to fill out the information request form on the page.