Digital Advertising systems in airports, underground stations and on the shelters of the most important Italian and European cities, with messages that change automatically according to time, weather and temperature.

There are many benefits that DOOH offers:

  • Promoting your brand on the screen conveys innovation. The screens attract attention because they are unique and convey the quality of the product. They also make the experience more enjoyable by allowing interactivity. They are also green and sustainable.
  • They allow to improve the memory of the brand that is closest to the consumer.
  • The consumer lives the experience in situ and probably carries it with him.
  • The information received is not aggressive since it is part of the daily life of users. The screens are transformed into an element of the everyday landscape and are part of the scenario in which they are protagonists.
  • Digital Out Of Home allows you to analyze different data and optimize campaigns to get better results.
  • It’s the best way to communicate a digital marketing strategy in a creative and immediate way, opening up the possibility of integrating social media in real time into the ad.

Planning of Outdoor Campaigns on digital circuits

Social LCD

80 “LCD screens in the Metro:

SOCIAL LCD is a tool for just-in-time publishing (about one minute after sending) of tweets or text messages. It includes monitoring and approval of contents after publication (in order to guarantee ethics and rigor in the contents) and data analysis (Total publication statistics, by day/hour and list of SMS/tweets published).

Creative Solutions

At Malpensa, Linate, Orio Al Serio and Caselle airports, the LCD screens are equipped with Presence Sensors for an interactive campaign by the German airline Lufthansa.

The standard video of a stewardess looking after a small passenger was animated as passengers passed and interacted with them directly to prevent them from interrupting the baby’s sleep: when movement was detected, a second video was activated that urged silence with a polite “Shhh!”.

Linate Airport: intern circuit, LCD digital screens