Maxi Billboards for high visibility of your brand

Maxi billboards or big sizes are oriented to a moving target. Positioned on large road junctions, the Maxi billboard has good visibility even at high distances. This type of billboard is positioned frontally or parallel to the road and is located in the streets with high traffic: such as the access and exit points of the city.

There is a particular type of Maxi billboard that is placed on temporary scaffolding used to cover buildings or monuments in case of renovation. These are located in the historical center of bug cities.


Available networks for maxi posters

For big size networks the posting follows the national calendar (14 days minimum booking). Positions are organized in networks and usually are not sold one by one. However, there are vendors that allow the cherry picking activity.

For billboards placed on scaffolds, the minimum on air period is 15 days  and the purchase method is free, meaning that a single position can be purchased on its own. Maxi billboards have a strong visual impact, thanks to its large size and their lighting.

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    Milan – Maxi Billboard 10×16,5 – Renord Campaign

    Why choose Spada Media Group for maxi advertising billboards campaigns?

    Thanks to its know-how, Spada Media Group implements OOH advertising campaigns (both on proprietary media and not), guaranteeing high coverage within the area of interest.

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