Metro Advertising: benefits

The main feature of metro advertising is achieving good levels of communication reach thanks to the countless commuters transiting the underground every day. The message reaches a wide and transversal audience when they are waiting for the subway train, in a moment in which their attention to the message is high.


Available formats for subway ads

It is possible to plan circuits of various types:

  • Mupi (120 × 180 cm – portrait) and Mini (200 × 140cm) networks: characterized by paper or backlit sites placed at platform or at mezzanine level in some of the metro stations, covering all flows of passengers. Minimum booking period of 14 days, in the cities of Milan, Turin, Brescia, Rome and Naples.
  • Carousels (internal formats – 95 × 140 cm) decoration placed on the connecting walls between coaches.
  • Posters on the door side (31 × 69cm) or above the window of metro carriage: small formats, minimum on-air period: 28 days.
  • Station Domination: personalisation of the main metro stations with different formats (floor graphics, desks, banners, columns, etc.).

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    Why choose Spada Media Group for your underground advertising campaigns?

    • Ten-year planning experience in the main Italian cities
    • In-depth knowledge of targets and media
    • Estimation of the campaign results
    • Customer support in all phases, from the choice of sites and formats to graphic design
    • Best prices on the market