The effectiveness of advertising posters

Posters are one the main promotional tools available for an OOH advertising campaign, and guarantee a wide visibility for a brand in specific areas of interest.

Sites are positioned in big cities such as Milan, Rome or Naples, and represent a strong potential for brands willing to achieve coverage and frequency of the media planning, conveying their message to people who regularly transit all areas of the city, e.g. an important customer base.

The minimum period is 14 days and the start date is established by the national billposting calendar. Spada Media Group offers the possibility to purchase posters in the main Italian cities including: Milan, Rome, Turin and Naples.

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    Milan – Poster 12×6 – Uniabita Campaign

    Why choose Spada Media Group for advertising poster campaigns?

    Spada Media Group provides a complete OOH planning & buying service for international customers who want to promote their brand in Italy. Under the indication of the campaign brief, the OOH media specialists of the Agency will carry out the campaign with extreme attention. From strategic planning of the various locations (some owned by the Agency), to graphic creation, up to printing and posting.

    Spada Media Group can plan and buy OOH advertising campaign on different formats: maxi-sites, 48 sheets, small formats on light poles, LED screens, posters, banners, sites located on railway overpasses and other types of billboards for permanent and temporary rental (the minimum posting period may vary depending on the type of site, generally the minimum period is 14 days).