Sport facilities: create your advertising campaign

Sports facilities are the perfect place to put your image and brand on banners and billboards. The possibility given by this type of location is to reach a large audience because sporting events gather large flows of people. It is possible to plan an advertising campaign that is totally aligned with the target thanks to the specificity of the place and the type of people who transit it.

The formats are suitable to the structure of the places and guarantee originality of the message and impact on the public.

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    Plan your advertising campaign for skii areas

    The choice to advertise inside or outside a ski area is determined by high target profiling. Spaces can be used by companies of the sport market sector, to promote their offer of specific sport products and services. Luxury items, fashion, wellness products but also technical equipment for snow, cars, etc.

    The public is characterized by belonging to a class with a high spending capacity and who is really interested in a type of product and therefore easily close to purchase.

    The available formats can be positioned both inside and outside the structures, with different sizes: from a single posting of medium – small dimensions to the domination of the system and / or the chair lift cabins.

    The formats meet the needs of the supports available in the structures and this allows originality of the posting and of the message and guaranteed impact on the public.

    Why choose Spada Media Group to promote your brand in Italian Skii and Sport facilities?

    Spada Media Group thanks to its ten-year presence in the field of Out of Home advertising, boasts several collaborations with sports facilities such as stadiums, swimming pools, tennis courts and sports centers of various kinds.

    Our Advertising Agency offers a strategic position planning service based on the specific needs of the customer and the target of the message. The creativity of graphic designers will do the rest.

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