Advertising on Street Furniture

The qualitative and widespread presence of street furniture, particularly in central areas of big cities, provides the opportunity to attract people at any time of the day. The different formats can be in traditional paper or backlit (high quality). Small formats are also available in the tiniest countries or in the historical center of bigger cities, providing greater capillarity and frequency.

Why choose Spada Media Group for OOH street furniture?

Spada Media Group offers planning&buying on different types of sites: small municipal formats, MUPI (Mobiler Urbain Pour l’Information – urban furniture for information) or  FSU (Free Standing Unit) both scrolling backit and digital, Street Columns, etc.

All formats can be purchased both as single positions or as a network, with a minimum on air period of 14 days.

E.g. a network in Milan is made up of 62 digital FSUs with 84″ LCD screens (portrait) are available.

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