SuperMall by Avip
SuperMall by Avip

The Last Mile format

Last Mile Advertising (marketing of the last mile) is an advertising format that intercepts the consumer near the point of purchase, therefore at the time closest to when he will shop. It is a mix of advertising media visible near supermarkets or shopping malls, inside parking lots, on trolleys and up to the shelves. This type of marketing allows the brand to be present and remembered by the consumer at the most important moment of the purchase process: the one in which the product is placed in the cart. With the right media mix it is even possible to create an all-encompassing and spectacular presence within the shopping center, in order to make the brand the protagonist of the whole shopping experience.

It is possible to accompany the consumer throughout his decision-making process thanks to the use of different formats and in particular:

  • Floor stickers in front of shelves (300 × 300 cm shape)
  • Personalized shopping carts with a double-sided cardboard (32 × 31 cm double-sided format)
  • Anti-shoplifting sensor cover with personalized hardcover totem (80 × 150 cm double-sided format)
  • Signs on the light poles in the stands (100 × 140 cm double-sided format)
  • Planks on the trolley shelters (300 × 150 cm format)

These standard formats can be associated with more spectacular customizations, such as stickers on escalators, vertical and horizontal banners or maxitotems in shopping center galleries, which lead this type of billboard to be considered a type of guerrilla marketing. The main product in this category is SuperMall by Avip.

SuperMall by Avip

Last mile advertising is an extremely customizable type of billboard, it is in fact possible to build advertising campaigns for your Brand by selecting independently:

  • the brands for which you want to increase sales through a format other than trade marketing. Indeed, the major national brands are part of the circuit, such as Coop, Auchan, Carrefour, Bennet, Il Gigante, Pam, Panorama, Unes, Simply and Lidl.
  • the geographical areas, choosing between Nielsen areas or individual regions or provinces
  • the types of advertising medium, preferring formats closer to the shelf such as trolleys or floor graphics, or more suitable for brand awareness, such as the planks in shopping center stands
  • the percentage of coverage of each media, deciding how many shopping carts or graphics to place in each shopping center or supermarket.

Below are some figures on the turnout within the shopping centers with a focus on the main Lombard companies: