154 thousand entries in three days; over 6 million and 800 thousand TV spectators connected just before the start during the performance of the Italian hymn and the performance in the sky of the Frecce Tricolore; a satellite tourism activities quantified in 30 million euros of which 15 million only on Brianza. These are the numbers linked to the Formula 1 Grand Prix – the most important sport event of the year for the “auto motive” sector – and Agenzia Spada from over 10 years has been supporting the municipal administration of Monza for the promotion of related events at the MonzaGP.

The agency’s commitment was concentrated in the organization and management of exhibition/advertising spaces on behalf of automotive dealerships in the Monza Brianza and Milan area, representing almost all the most important brands linked to the automotive Circus. Successful initiatives include the exhibition of over 100 cars in Piazza Trento Trieste for the 2012 edition of the GP and the project for eco-sustainability (carried out over the last 3 years) with the green coverage of Piazza Trento Trieste and the placement of electric cars in the neighboring streets in the center of Monza.

These initiatives have had a positive impact on the image of the town hall of Monza and have ensured a constant flow of visitors to the dealerships in the area, which have enjoyed strong visibility on the territory. The large public participation inside the racetrack saw considerable participation also in the city, in fact people were attracted by the presence of dedicated stands, gadgets and gifts in the squares and central streets decorated for the great automotive event.

Agenzia Spada offers to its customers a wide choice of activities to promote their reality during sporting events of this magnitude. To be present with dedicated spaces to the numerous initiatives that dot the MonzaGp review, do not hesitate to contact us.