Online and print press campaigns

Despite the boom of digital media, printed paper remains an important communication media, capable of effectively promoting products and brands. Thousands of newspapers read by as many readers throughout Italy are printed every day, so investing in print advertising is still a valid and frequently used option within marketing campaigns. In addition, most of the newspapers have evolved and today have an online version within which it is possible to buy advertising spaces exactly as they do on paper.

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    Press campaigns on Italian newspapers to promote your brand

    As a Media Agency, we are able to plan advertising campaigns on the main newspapers, both in print and web versions, thanks to consolidated relationships with the major dealerships. In particular, it is possible to plan it on national newspapers such as Il Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Il Giorno QN, Il Sole 24 Ore, etc., on weeklies like Il Cittadino, Il Giornale di Monza, Il Giornale di Vimercate, on freepress such as Metro, I read, Il Gazzettino di Sesto San Giovanni and Noi Zona2 or on local web newspapers, like and

    Newspaper advertisements: costs and formats

    The image alongside shows the data abot the diffusion of main paper newspapers on which it is possible to plan an advertising campaign.

    Costs depending on the average number of copies sold of each newspaper, but not only, the position within the advertising page and its format also affect the price.

    Spada Media Group is able to provide advice on the choice of format and titles to be involved in an advertising campaign, thanks to the experience gained over years of work can thus maximize investments through effective campaigns.