Spada Media Group is a point of reference in Milan and its province in the field of advertising promotion on all means of communication: not only web marketing therefore but also traditional means such as poster design, radio and TV commercials and advertising on buses and other public means.

In particular, advertising on buses and public transport means any form of communication, both static and dynamic, present on buses, trolley buses, trams and subways, as well as the advertisements that can be found at stops and platforms. Our media department is able to plan both local and national communication campaigns on buses and other means managed not only by the ATM (subways and buses in the Milan area) but also on extra-urban lines managed by other companies. It is mainly buses that cover extra-urban routes, ensuring visibility throughout the Milanese hinterland and in the municipalities of Monza and Brianza.

Advantages of dynamic advertising on buses

Advertising on buses is effective not only because it is able to reach a large number of people, but above all because it is precisely moments of boredom, while waiting at the bus stop or queuing in your car, are the most favorable to receiving messages.

This type of communication is in fact one of the most effective ways to make your brand, your products known, but also to bring an event, an information campaign of social utility, exhibitions and shows to the attention of the general public. Each advertising campaign on buses is the result of a creative and strategic process carried out together with the customer: Agenzia Spada offers its advice from the creation of the advertising message to the design of the most suitable and captivating graphics, up to the planning of the most suitable circuits.

If well done, advertising on buses can be really impactful and allow advertising messages and brands to remain etched in the mind of those who observe them, increasing potential customers and strengthening the brand identity. For more information on advertising on buses and other public transport, you can contact us here.


Spada Media Group realizza pubblicità su autobus a Milano

Communicate your brand on public transport in Milan and the main cities of Italy

Advertising on public transport is mainly carried out through mini information billboards positioned both on the external walls and inside the vehicles, as well as at their stops. The billboards are positioned on all available sides of the vehicle (back, right side and left side) and as regards the stops, in the free spaces of shelters, platforms and mezzanines. However, it is also possible to use very innovative or customized formats such as the integral decorations of the vehicles (decordinamic), the dominations of the subway stations or the personalization with adhesive films of turnstiles, stops and shelters (all formats very close and visible to travelers).

This type of communication is one of the most effective ways to make your brand, your products known, but also to bring an event, an information campaign of social utility, exhibitions, festivals and shows to the attention of the general public.

The effectiveness of these advertising media is guaranteed and tested over time by many of our customers who have planned them for long periods and are still using them. This is because the communication is addressed to commuters, regular and non-regular, who travel by subway and buses, and therefore at a very receptive moment of the day, but also to pedestrians who see them circulate with a decidedly high frequency, as it can be. that of a city like Milan. The buses also cover extra-urban routes and this ensures visibility that involves the entire Milanese hinterland and the municipalities of Monza and Brianza.

Each advertisement on the buses or at the stops is the result of a very careful and meticulous work carried out together with the customer: in fact, the activity of creating the advertising message with the most modern communication techniques and captivating graphics is included in the service, combining the professionalism and the ability to interpret customer needs, different sectors, fashions and times, typical of our graphic design department. In this way advertising on buses and their stops becomes a message of emotional impact, capable of remaining imprinted in the mind of the observer and to create the identity of a brand, a brand or an event that increases potential customers and retains those who already know it. Definition of criteria, resistant materials, messages, graphics, colors, finishes are what make the service offered by the Spada agency in Milan a point of excellence in global and globalized communication.

The results of the work carried out are monitored and brought to the attention of the customer with an ad-hoc photographic service, provided within 10 working days of the end of the campaign, and with periodic reports on the areas reached, demonstrating the in-depth knowledge that the professionals at your disposal have about this field.