Radio as an advertising media

In Italy about 35 million people listen to the radio each day, usually while engaged in other activities or driving the car.

The radio also has the ability to reach possible customers at crucial times of the day, tending to moments of leisure or boredom such as in traffic. In each of these moments, attention to the radio message is high and can be exploited for effective communication. Furthermore, being listened to often in the car, while going shopping, the radio is a media very close to the time of purchase.

Radio advertising also takes advantage of the loyalty of the public, loyal to their radio and favorite programs. In this way, the message is transmitted in a context in which the listener feels “at home” and also receives the commercial in a more familiar way, with greater confidence and availability.

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    The strenghts of radio advertising

    Radio is still a very important media, capable of reaching around 35 million listeners every day, equal to 66% of the Italian active population.

    On a typical people’s day, the radio is very present, in fact the average listening time is almost three hours a day for national radio stations and about two hours for local radio stations. The ratings are mainly concentrated in the morning and evening band (typically related to transport).

    Even if the radio is listened to mainly in the car, there is a trend of listening through the smartphone.







    Spada Media Group: pianifica spot pubblicitario in radio

    Budget and price for radio advertising

    A radio campaign is developed on weekly modules (basically from Monday to Sunday, with more flexibility on local radio) designed to meet the most diverse communication needs. 4 to 12 spots can be scheduled each day.

    The length of the spot can be agreed with the customer according to the needs, but generally for Italian broadcasters, the standard spot is 30 seconds long. However, to optimize the budget of the radio advertising campaign, spots with a shorter duration may be preferred: a 20-second release has a cost of 20% less than a 30-second one (10% less on national radio), a 15 second press release costs, on average 30% less than a 30% one (20% less on national radio).

    The cost of a radio spot can vary from a few Euros to a few hundred Euros depending on the broadcaster chosen, the quantity of spots purchased and the duration of the campaign. For more information or to request a free quote, do not hesitate to contact us.

    Other types of radio advertising

    On the radio it is possible to listen not only the typical commercial but also sponsorship of information products, often directly connected to the radio programs themselves. This type of communication has a particular cut because it is carried out during moments of radio programming with a high attention from the listener: news, weather, sports, traffic. The results that can be obtained are remarkable, especially if planned in a medium-long time.

    The quotes, however, are promotional messages designed with the collaboration of the customer and recorded with the official radio voices. They are in a single position therefore outside the advertising clusters, placed in conjunction with the radio programs.

    The sponsorship of programs aimed at listening niches or dedicated to high-profile events (e.g. sporting events) can also be particularly suitable.

    And then you can also carry out promotional interviews.

    Why choose Spada Media Group for your radio advertising?

    Spada Media Group advertising agency is able to support international customers from the earliest stages of choice of Italian radio broadcasters, both national and local, passing from the creation of creativity and the recording of the spot, up to the airing. In addition, our Agency offers advice on choosing the best editorial plan and the most suitable broadcasters, using the most modern planning software and official listening data from Tavolo Editori Radio (TER, formerly Audiradio). Spada Media Group follows the customer in all the steps necessary to create a campaign.


    Selection of radio station





    National radios on which is possibile to carry out an advertising campaign

    Not only local radios, Spada Media Group also offers advertising space on the most prestigious national radios.

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    Radio Italia - Logo - Spada Media Group

    Local radio stations on which you can plan an advertising campaign

    The choice of broadcasters who will broadcast the spots of the radio campaign is made according to the target audience, the territorial extension of the network and the number of listeners on the average day. By clicking on the logos it is possible to deepen the characteristics of each radio.

    Case history

    Some successful campaigns that Spada Media Group has carried out for its customers.