Discoradio is a broadcaster without programs with a prevalence of music, defined for this reason of flow. Every 20 minutes of music, the radio broadcasts 3 minutes of advertising clusters in rotation from 6 to 24.

The radio station not only accompanies the listener during Milan’s night events, but also provides a point of reference for getting to know the city reality, its daily events and organized initiatives.

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    • The musical programming of Discoradio is characterized by a balance that sees the alternation of contemporary musical pieces and those that have marked the history of dance. This type of schedule allows an ever-pressing and fluid rhythm.
    • Discoradio also informs its listeners with news about the events of the city, the weather forecast and the traffic on the roads in Lombardy.
    • In the radio programming, a contest is scheduled every week that allows the listener to win tickets for the events of the moment.

    Discoradio has a loyal audience throughout Lombardy. The broadcaster in fact records an exemplary number of listeners on an average day of around 402,000 thousand (Source: TER – Tavolo Editore Radio).





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