Radio Kiss Kiss is cross-media: FM, DAB, WEB, SOCIAL, MOBILE, VIDEO.

With an eye towards new communication tools, it is the first national radio by engagement level! Radio Kiss Kiss is digital: contemporary record on the website, hashtag top trend on Twitter, 1 million likes on Facebook! Radio Kiss Kiss is contemporary: it is the most interactive, it is the most dynamic, it is the most focused to the listeners today! Radio Kiss Kiss is the play everywhere radio!


  • A young, dynamic radio, listened to by the most active part of the population
  • A growth in two-digit ratings, in contrast to the national radio panorama
  • A radio on the move: 78% listening via car radio
  • The radio of the web & social generation: a continuously growing community, a strong presence on social media

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    Radio Kiss Kiss registers a remarkable audience throughout Italy. The average day listeners, in fact, are almost 3,000,000 thousand (Source: TER – Tavolo Editore Radio).





    age > 18 / < 44