Radio 101, known as R101, is a flow radio with an extremely varied schedule. Not only Italian hits but also all hits internationally.

R101 is not just music. The programming, in fact, is marked by real shows. Among the most renowned and followed programs we find La Banda di R101, broadcast every morning from 5.00 to 9.00, with Chiara Tortorella, Riccardo Russo, Paolo Dini, Lester, Cristiano Militello and Leonardo Fiaschi, “Lenny”.

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    R101 can also be heard on the web. The digital edition is treated in detail, on the official radio website, in fact, the individual radio programs are also available, as well as the live broadcast of the moment.

    The social channels of the R101 radio are also very popular, creating an audience that is always connected and focused to all updates.

    Guests who are hosted in the R101 editorial office greatly increase the prestige of the programs and the audience of listeners.

    Record numbers for R101. The radio station in fact records an average number of listeners around 2,039,000 per day (Source: TER – Radio Publisher Table).





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