Radio 105 is a radio station owned by Radio Mediaset. It occupies the top places in the rankings with Tutto Esaurito, the most listened program in the morning Drive Time and with Lo Zoo di 105, the most listened ever program, which this year turns 20.

Thanks to the fun and music that the conductors offer to their listeners, it is the most listened radio in the average quarter of an hour and the one with the longest daily listening time: 165 minutes.

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    • Radio 105 offers many opportunities for its listeners: webradio related to general radio programs, musical genres or individual artists, musical previews and webtv.
    • Various initiatives for the Radio 105 community. Thanks to the official app, in fact, all the contents of FM Radio and Web Radio are available.
    • The digital version also includes videos, podcasts and photo galleries.


    The audience of Radio 105 registers an average number of listeners of 4,677,000 (Source: TER -Tavolo Editore Radio).





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