Radio 24 is the only “news & talk” broadcaster on the Italian radio scene, characterized by a multi-themed in-depth programming and debate that covers the areas of interest of different target audience.

The audience of Radio 24 is made up of the most active and cultured component of the population, able to first grasp the value of new stimuli, fashions, trends and lifestyles.


  • The radio closest to the Business target, the component of the most active population with the highest spending capacity
  • A program of information and in-depth study unique in the Italian radio panorama
  • A constant growth in audience ratings, in contrast to the national radio panorama
  • A radio on the move: 72% listening via car radio

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    Radio 24 records a remarkable audience throughout Italy. The average day listeners, in fact, are over 2,000,000 (Source: TER – Radio Publisher Table).





    age > 35 / < 64