Radio Deejay is a private radio station present throughout the Italian national territory.

Its history is full of fundamental moments for radio and for entertainment in general. Founded by Claudio Cecchetto, Radio Deejay, in fact, has launched several characters from entertainment and music. Among the many we can mention Gerry Scotti, Fiorello, Jovanotti, Alessandro Cattelan, etc.

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    • Radio Deejay occupies the fourth place in the ranking of the most popular national radios in Italy.
    • Radio Deejay’s musical offerings are varied but mainly oriented towards generally international dance music.
    • All programs are also available in digital version on the website and on the official radio app.

    Radio Deejay has a loyal audience across the country. In fact, the broadcaster records an exemplary number of average listeners a day is around 5,049,000 (Source: TER – Tavolo Editore Radio)





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