Radio Globo has a mainly young target, between 18 and 44 years old, with a medium-high profile, generally graduates and graduates. This target has the peculiarity of being considered a consumer responsive to the advertising message, compared to others.

An interesting fact is given by the professional segmentation of the listeners of Radio Globo. The most represented categories are entrepreneurs and freelancers, but also teachers, workers and employees who are reached by the advertising message at the time of mobility, the one considered closest to the purchase.

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    • Radio Globo is one of the most listened to radios in the Lazio region.
    • Thanks to the web radio, listeners of Radio Globo can follow the broadcaster at any time of the day.


    Radio Globo records an exemplary number of listeners on an average day is 356,000 thousand (Source: TER – Tavolo Editore Radio)





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