Radio Number One leads a schedule with different types of content: information, technology and entertainment. The programs that enrich this radio, from 6:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the night, are engaging and original.

On Radio Number One, there is room for both sports and all related news, and for all local events. Respectively lead Patrizio Romano and Marco Vignoletti.

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    • The weekend is tinged with originality on Radio Number One. The programming, in fact, offers all the curiosities that occurred in the past week, proposed for a last minute departure and all the international musical hits.
    • In addition, during the weekend, Radio Number One is live from the main events in the Lombardy region.


    Record numbers for Radio Number One. In fact, the radio broadcaster registers an average number of listeners in Lombardy of around 231,000 thousand in Lombardy (Source: TER – Tavolo Editore Radio)





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