TV advertising campaigns to reach a large audience

There are currently over 40 million TV sets in Italy, of which 6.5 are smart TVs, in fact, in recent years, despite the explosion of the world of web entertainment, the television audience has not decreased at all, indeed new platforms have been created and how to use it as a mobile TV, web TV and smart TV with constantly growing volumes of spectators.

Also from the point of view of advertising, TV continues to record excellent performances on all targets, reconfirming itself as the main medium in which to invest.

It is possible to plan advertising campaigns on all the channels of the main broadcasters. Each publisher has both traditional channels and network circuits visible on digital terrestrial. The wide range of channels and the diversification of the various schedules allows a better and effective targeting of the public based on gender, age and even specific interests such as sport, cooking or cinema.

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Communicate throughout Italy with TV advertisements

Italy is the European country with the highest consumption of television (92.2% of the population aged 3 and over watches TV) with viewers of all ages, even if the most loyal users are young people. 6 to 14 years and the elderly between 65 and 74 years, with shares exceeding 96%. On the other hand, over 25 million people watch TV on average every night, while about 45 million viewers of at least one minute on an average day. Our country is also the first for the number of channels, about 361 national channels of which over 90 are free.

TV therefore has the ability to reach large sections of the population throughout the peninsula and to intercept heterogeneous targets in terms of age, sex and interests. If well planned, a TV campaign is able to communicate effectively to a profiled audience on the basis of the programs followed, taking into account the type of broadcast and the time slot.

Even after the advent of digital media, TV therefore remains the main channel in which to invest for advertising campaigns. With ratings continuously increasing, especially in the last year, national TVs still absorb more than 50% of the advertising budget used in Italy.


How much does it cost to advertise on Italian TV?

A TV advertising campaign involves the creation of a commercial with a duration ranging from 10 to 30 seconds and an advertising schedule on the main television channels.

The realization of the TV commercial is the lowest cost, as it can range from a few thousand euros for a commercial made with stock material up to hundreds of thousands of euros for shooting with testimonials, in prestigious locations and with famous directors.

The real advertising campaign, on the other hand, has a variable cost from a few tens of thousands of euros up to several hundred thousand euros, depending on the duration and number of networks on which the TV commercial is broadcast.

Generally, the minimum all-inclusive budget is approximately € 100,000 for a two-week flight on a single broadcaster using a 15 ”spot. A medium-sized campaign with a 30 ”spot on several television channels such as Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3 and Mediaset channels, on the other hand, requires an investment of around € 250-300,000.

However, the campaigns best known by the mass audience have much larger budgets. Just think that a single spot in prime time, for example during the Barbara d’Urso show or one of the main national news broadcasts, can cost up to € 15,000-20,000 (prices vary according to price lists and periods), but it allows you to achieve very important shares with an audience of even millions of people at once. Alternatively, very effective solutions have been developed such as addressable TV which allows for more profiling of potential consumers thanks to the use of data collected by SmartTVs and broadcasting the commercials only to the most interested public or only in specific geographical areas. In any case, for more detailed information or to request a free quote, you can contact us using the form at the top of the page.


TV advertising: expose your brand to new consumers

Italian TV offers the possibility to program different types of commercials on local, national TV or on the new addressable TV circuits.

Spada Media Group is able to offer advice on the type of activity to be organized according to your needs and your target audience and coordinate the campaign from the creation of spots to editorial planning on the main broadcasters.

Addressable TV

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