What’s addressable TV?

Addressable TV is a way of delivering advertisements on TV, which allows you to show specific creatives, different from family to family, in real time, based on the characteristics of the family and their lifestyles.

Traditional TV has always used the GRP (Gross Rating Point) to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on its target groups, usually based on estimates derived from audience sharing data combined with audience profiling data from consumer surveys.

Today digital TV provides additional data, allowing viewers to be grouped based on the content they actually see. In fact, if the devices used to access TV programs are connected to the Internet (e.g. Smart TV, set top box, tablet, smartphone or PC), modern tracking technologies, very similar to those used on the Web, provide information in real time on the programs that are actually displayed in each individual family, so that advertising can be targeted based on the profile of the family resulting from its consumption behavior for each device.

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Strenghts of Addressable TV campaigns

The advantages of addressable campaigns are manifold; in particular, this solution allows the optimization of one’s investment and the maximization of useful contacts thanks to three features:

Target segmentation

The target can be segmented with respect to various parameters, from geolocation by region, province or nielsen area to more qualitative criteria. For example, it is possible to choose your audience by distinguishing families with children from users under-30 and also direct the campaign with respect to the interests of each. This profiling takes place thanks to the use of different databases:





Frequency cap

Frequency cap refers to the maximum number of times a spot can be delivered and viewed. To optimize and guarantee the viewing of the spot, this solution was applied to AdSmart schedules, until now it was known only for Internet schedules and not for TV. In the following image an example of a Cap of Frequency equal to 4 on a TV campaign above 100 GRP where you can see how this type of solution allows you to save over 50% of gross contacts.

Measurability and certainty of vision

Another advantage of addressable campaigns is the possibility of having a clear picture of totalized views, with data on type of users reached. Furthermore, visualizations are considered only if at least 75% of the spot is seen, this guarantees a real count of the result achieved.

Census survey of every single view

Views counted only if viewed for> 75% of the spot duration


The production of the spot * is free if you purchase a campaign of at least 2 weeks on a broadcaster with regional coverage.


* 15 ” video with footage from stock video

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