Campaigns on Italian local TV to communicate on the territory

Local TVs represent an important communication channel for transmitting messages in a specific area or even nationwide. Especially in Lombardy, where the Mediapason group dominates with TeleLombardia, Antenna 3 and Top Calcio 24 for a total of over one million daily contacts, investing in this type of broadcasters can be advantageous for those who want to make themselves known in the area.

Although local TV stations are more popular in the North than in the rest of Italy, in each region there are groups of broadcasters able to reach a loyal audience. There are in fact more than 700 local broadcasters present in the peninsula and, according to the latest Auditel data, in strong increase in the last two years. This allows to reach a wide audience, geolocated and well targeted.

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    The top 3 of the most viewed local TV in Lombardy is given by: Telelombardia, Antenna 3, Top Calcio 24.

    SOURCE: AMR – FASCE: (02-00 – 25.59) – (20.30 – 22.30) – DATE: SEPTEMBER 2018 – TARGET: IND. LOM

    Discover the characteristics and targets of the main Italian local broadcasters: