Mediaset is the first Italian private television group and among the most important globally and represents the biggest opportunity for companies that want to promote their products on TV generalist.

The broadcaster’s main channels are Rete 4, Canale 5 and Italia 1, to which are added a group of thematic channels developed especially with the advent of Digital Terrestrial (Focus, 20, La 5, TOP Crime, Iris, Cine34, Italia 2, Mediaset Extra, Tgcom 24, Boing, Cartoonito, R101 TV, Radio Virgin TV and Radio 105 TV), which broaden the traditional reach of the group on mass targets to more specific targets.

Mediaset Play streaming on demand service is the platform that can be planned to add even more coverage and frequency to TV plans.

Mediaset also offers an Addressable TV service, a method of delivering advertisements on digital TV that allows you to show specific advertisements based on the characteristics of the household, through a combination of technologies for the delivery of advertising content and analysis and segmentation of the audience.

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    Focus on Mediaset generalist channels:

    Canale 5 is the first network in the country for the target 15/64 years. It is dedicated to the general public and families. In day time, it is aimed at a female target 25-54, with soaps and entertainment productions aimed at retaining the public. In the evening, however, it dedicates itself to a wider range with self-production programs, first TV fiction and entertainment programs, which make it the leader of the early evening.

    Italia 1 presents itself as the network dedicated to the youngest: the main target is that of teenagers and the 15-34 age group, reached thanks to a rich programming that passes through news, entertainment, sports and music. The broadcaster’s flagship program is Le Iene, which in prime time has an average of about 2 million plays per episode, aimed mainly at young adults.

    Finally, Rete 4 is the Mediaset channel that aims to openly challenge that segment of the public closest to Rai broadcasters. In fact, the program features news and political news productions, which occupy the prime time slots for most of the week, reaching an adult and purely male audience.

    How much does it cost to advertise on Mediaset?

    Mediaset’s advertising offer is decidedly articulated and includes many packages that vary according to the target audience to be reached (e.g. generic, children, women only, young adults, etc.), the period (there are seasonality with variable prices depending on the time of year), of the networks (it is possible to plan only the Free-to-Air networks such as Canale5, Rete4 and Italia1 or even only those dedicated to the target children such as Cartoonito or Boing, etc.) and of the duration and type of advertising spot. It is therefore not possible to define in advance the cost of an advertising campaign on Mediaset networks (there is a price list of over 200 pages) but it is much better to request a dedicated quotation, designed according to the real programming needs of the customer. In any case, entry level budgets can be as little as a few tens of thousands of euros. Our job is therefore to understand together with the customer what his needs are and to provide the most effective and optimized quotation from the point of view of prices.

    Mediaset offers a variety of channels on traditional TV and digital terrestrial, discover all the schedules: