Canale 5 is a national generalist television channel published by Mediaset and is the main competitor of Rai 1 in terms of audience. Among the most followed channels in Italy, over the years it has hosted programs that have made the history of Italian TV, such as Grande Fratello, Striscia la Notizia, Buona Domenica, Uomini e Donne, Amici di Maria De Filippi and the most recent but highly successful Pomeriggio 5 and Live – Non è la D’Urso.

Canale 5 is usually among the most followed networks, especially in the early and late evening, with an average share of 20 points. TG5 in the evening edition at 20.00 is in fact followed by over 5 million spectators and its 13.00 edition also records excellent audiences, with over 3 million spectators. Striscia la Notizia is certainly among the most popular programs with an average share of 19% and over 4 million active viewers every evening. Grande Fratello VIP, another leading program of the network, is a leader among reality shows with an average share of 21%.

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    The main programs on Canale 5 are:

    Champions League 

    The most important matches of the UEFA Champions League are broadcast free-to-air on Canale 5 thanks to three-year agreements that Mediaset has stipulated for the television rights. The schedule is organized to give greater importance to matches played by the Italian football clubs in the competition, after which the main criterion remains that is to give relevance to final matches. The offer is then enriched with insights and press conferences as well as interviews with the protagonists of the season. Football live broadcasts always reach a large following, involving more than 5 million spectators.

    Striscia la notizia 

    Striscia la notizia, the television program conceived by Antonio Ricci in the late 80s, still maintains today the characteristics that made it known. The program packs features that revolve around different themes, very often linked to politics, public administration, entertainment and customs, such as I Nuovi Mostri and Striscia lo striscione, that has a sporting character. The news are presented in a comic and humorous key, managing to reach a significant number of viewers (more than 4 million) in the access prime time slot (time slot that goes from the end of the evening news to the beginning of the broadcast in prime time).

    Among the historical conductors we remember the duo Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti, Gerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker. The share of the broadcast often reaches peaks over 20%, especially in the adult target 25-54 with an audience exceeding 4.5 million viewers.

    Uomini e donne 

    Among the programs conceived by Maria De Filippi we can find Uomini e Donne. Born as an afternoon appointment to talk about couple problems, in the 2000s it completely changed his formula, becoming a dating show in which the “tronista”, the one who is looking for his partner, is courted by suitors. The offer has been expanded with the so-called Trono Over, in which the participants are over 40 years old, and in addition to the presenter, the episode includes commentators to address some heart trobules. With 3 million viewers it is one of the most watched afternoon programs.

    Avanti un Altro!

    Hosted by Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti the game show Avanti un Altro! accompanies viewers in the pre-evening slot, every day before the evening news. A long line of competitors try to answer the questions correctly during the show, in case of elimination they must give way to the next player. The competitor who manages to make it to the final game faces 21 questions in a short time trying to give the wrong answers to win the final prize. The entertainment offered, with comic and amusing spaces, wins 16% share. Replicas are available on Mediaset Extra.

    Amici di Maria De Filippi

    The talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi was conceived and written by the presenter and is on air since the early 2000s. Twenty students join Amici’s school and train in various disciplines such as sing and dance with the support of numerous professors, like Rudy Zerbi, Arisa, Alessandra Celentano and Veronica Peparini. Students’ life is filmed daily: during the daytime appointment they are evaluated by putting themselves to the test with the choreography and pieces prepared to arrive to the “serale”, the second part of the format broadcast in prime time capable of reaching up to 4 million viewers.

    Grande Fratello VIP

    Grande Fratello VIP is one of the most popular reality shows on television. Born in 2016 as an alternative version of Grande Fratello, the program involves well-known faces from entertainment and entertainment who share their daily lives for a certain period of time with the aim of a home monitored 24 hours a day by cameras. During the two evening appointments on Canale 5, participants can interact with the presenters and the public, receive unexpected visits and challenge each other in games and tests until the final verdict, which will decide, basing on popular votes, whether or not the people in nomination will stay in the house. Strings of content are also available during the daytime of Italia 1, while the daily live broadcasts are entrusted to Mediaset Extra and La5. The average share in the evening range is around 21% with peaks of over 28% for the 25-54 women target.

    Temptation Island 

    Temptation Island broadcast revolves around the sentimental dynamics of six couples who are separated for several weeks and arranged in two groups along with the company of single men and women. Every week, during the evening appointment on Canale 5, competitors see videos relating to the behavior of their respective partners, which are decisive for the “falò finale”. The moment of confrontation leads the couples to decide whether or not to continue the relationship, thanks also to the questions of the conductor, and spectators will be able to follow the developments even after the couple has left the program. Another version of the program is Temptation Island VIP. The broadcast also touches share peaks of 20%


    Since the early 1990s, TG5 has been the main news program of Canale 5, with numerous daily editions including TG5 Prima Pagina, broadcast in the morning and as an introduction to the evening news, and TG5 Notte, a 40-minute night press review. The flagship edition is 20:00 edition, which is at the top of information on the public with a share of over 20%. Among the headings we highlight Gusto, inherent in gastronomy, L’arca di Noè, on the animal universe, and L’indignato speciale, which deals with medical malpractice and services to the citizen.

    Sources: Auditel

    Cost of advertising campaign on Canale 5

    Generally, a television advertising campaign does not focus only on one channel, but includes a package of commercials on the entire network, in this case Mediaset. This is because the advertising investment is optimized when you have good coverage and high frequency (number of times the spot is seen). However, in case of a request about a focus on a particular broadcast, such as Amici di Maria De Filippi or GF VIP, it is possible to purchase packages with total coverage of a program with also special positions (SOP – Special One Position). For these transmissions there is a specific list price, with figures of a few tens of thousands of €, to which a substantial discount must be applied depending on the period of the year, so do not hesitate to ask us for more specific informations.

    The channel of other networks with the closest target to Channel 5 is the competitor Rai 1.