Rete 4 is a private Italian television channel broadcasted all over the country founded in the early 80’s by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore and currently managed by Mediaset.

The network is generalist and offers mainly cinema, TV series, information programs, entertainment and sports. In particular in the 80s and 90s it was oriented towards a female audience.

It currently offers content for elder age groups with a cut and a type of broadcasts dedicated mainly to adults and aged people. The channel’s most popular programs are talk shows related to information, such as Stasera Italia News, politics, such as Quarta Repubblica, or journalistic insights, such as Quarto Grado, which obtain a share between 5-7%.


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    Advertising cost on Rete 4

    In Rete 4’s case, the advice is to buy advertising packages that also include commercials on the other Mediaset networks, as the audience of the channel is quite limited compared to the entire network audience and a campaign extended to other networks could also benefit more optimized prices, especially compared to GRP.

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