Nove is the generalist channel of the Discovery group, with a target audience that generally ranges between 25 and 50 years old and a programming that revolves around repetitions of programs already present on other channels of the network and numerous original productions, including several shows such as Deal With It, the pre-evening prize game, and Little Big Italy. Among the in-depth programs there is L’Assedio by Daria Bignardi and Sono le venti, accompanied by documentaries and docu-reality of different genres. Nove TG is the channel’s news programm, with 5 minutes flash editions that inform viewers about the main news of the day. The average share of the channel is growing also thanks to the new programs proposed.


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    The main programs on NOVE are:

    Fratelli di Crozza

    On Friday night, is on air Fratelli di Crozza, the television show conceived and conducted by Maurizio Crozza with the same formula as his previous formats, which manages to win over the public (reaching share peaks of 7%). The famous comedian puts himself to the test in front of an audience of spectators with monologues focused on news and current affairs, and with imitations of the most famous characters in the world of politics, economics and entertainment. The moments of satire are accompanied by the interventions of the co-host Andrea Zalone, a band that offers live musical spaces and other actors who support him during the choral sketches.


    Daria Bignardi hosts L’Assedio, a news and costume programm that airs on channel Nove in the evening. During each episode, the talk show includes four interviews with famous people from the world of politics, culture and entertainment. Among the well-known faces who participated to the program, we can find Selvaggia Lucarelli, Benedetta Parodi and Jo Squillo. The program has been broadcast since 2019 and the audience levels are constantly growing.

    La Confessione 

    Peter Gomez conducts La Confessione, the talk show centered on interviews with well-known personalities from the world of entertainment and today’s society in prime time since 2017, after the appointment with Fratelli di Crozza. The questions that are never trivial, and often even uncomfortable, and the media interest around the guests make the broadcast conquer a pool of viewers that reaches half a million.

    Among the hosts who let themselves be interviewed we can find Emilio Fede, Nina Moric, Fedez, Simona Ventura and Fabio Volo.

    Sources: Auditel

    Cost of TV spot on NOVE

    The cost of a campaign of TV commercials on Nove can change according to various aspects.

    The job of a media center such as Spada Media Group is therefore precisely to plan the best possible campaign from the point of view of price and audience for the target of interest of the customer. This work is carried out taking into account the preferred time slots, the commercial policies in place during the period of interest and the quantity and quality of the advertising spaces assigned (for example, a commercial broadcast on Nove prime-time could have an audience and therefore a higher cost than one broadcast in the morning).

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