On Demand TV: what it is and how it works

Television on demand is a new way of understanding the television sector, in which content is made available at the request of viewers. The programs on air can also be viewed in live streaming, in some cases even with the possibility of interrupting live broadcasts, while others can be retrieved by users when they wish.

All this is made possible by new technologies and different devices that allow to overcome the contemporary diffusion and the lack of choice of contents. Rai Play and Mediaset Play are two examples of success.

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    Advertising campaign on On Demand TV

    It is possible to purchase advertising on On Demand TVs, for example Mediaset Play, Rai Play, Sky Go or Sky on Demand that can be used by the user when viewing the content of interest from various connected devices.In fact, before or during the delivery of the content, the On Demand TV players show videos as commercials.

    It is also possible to purchase web adv spaces, together with video spots, which can also be clickable and traceable. Therefore advertising on TV On Demand follows the logic of web videos, not those of the TV table.

    The planning takes place on ‘systems’, i.e. on sets of programs, grouped by target affinity, for example: News, Entertainment, Cinema, Cooking, Fiction, Lifestyle, Sport, Wellness, etc.

    Each publisher then reserves the right to enrich the system with additional spaces on sites, Youtube channels, etc. therefore, to request an advertising quotation on Mediaset, Sky or Rai On Demand channels, we advise you to fill out the form on the page.

    Find out how to advertise on on-demand channels: