Rai 3 is the third Rai television channel, of a generalist type, and offers programs dedicated to in-depth journalism and culture. It is also the channel that gives more space to Italian local autonomies (it is in fact the network that hosts the regional news programs).

The most successful programs are those dedicated to political analysis, like Cartabianca, or investigative journalism, like Mi manda Rai 3. Cultural programs such as GEO, Kilimanjaro and TGR Leonardo also record good ratings, while as regards pure entertainment the flagship program of the network is the famous soap Un posto al sole. The channel also hosts successful prime time broadcasts such as Che tempo che fa, hosted by Fabio Fazio.


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    Main programs on RAI 3 are:


    TG3, which appeared on the television scene at the end of the 1970s, is the Rai 3 news program and develops throughout the day at various times, from midday to the last edition of the night. Among the columns we mention Persone, centered on the life of some figures of particular social importance, and Chi è di scena, on the theater; TG Mondo, on the other hand, is an edition that airs during the weekend in the late evening, dedicated to foreign news. Many space is left to the editions of the TGR, the regional news program, during the daytime. The 19.00 edition is the most popular, with an average share of 13%.

    Che tempo che fa 

    Che tempo che fa, broadcast conducted by Fabio Fazio with the collaboration of Filippa Lagerbäck, airs on Sunday, from access to midnight, with an average share of 9%. The historic program tells about our country by taking into consideration every nuance, thus managing to touch both topics of politics and economics and art, culture and entertainment. Numerous guests interviewed by the conductor, including big names on the international scene such as George Clooney and Emmanuel Macron, which often lead to almost 17% share peaks. The moments of entertainment and discussion are offered by various commentators and by the space dedicated to Luciana Littizzetto in which the comedian addresses the main topics of the week.



    Within the Rai 3 Sunday program we can also find Kilimangiaro, a famous travel and reportage program presented by Camila Raznovich. During the course of the episode, are broadcasted documentaries filmed all over the world that tell the places in question also thanks to the presence in the studio or in connection with guests from the world of culture or entertainment. Among the salient issues there are also those related to the environment, ecology and society and can count on several special editions, like the summer ones and Kilimangiaro – Il borgo dei borghi s on Italian cities. The show has an average share rate that is between 5 and 7%.

    Carta Bianca

    Bianca Berlinguer conducts the Carta Bianca on Tuesday, a prime-time political in-depth program in which the most relevant issues of current affairs and politics are discussed by authoritative guests, both the majority and the opposition, as well as economic protagonists. The mode of dialogue and conversation, in the form of talk, also leaves space to documentary moments and reportages, interviews and in-depth analyzes to get a 360-degree overview of what is happening. The show manages to win over the public with an average share of 5%.

    Chi l’ha visto

    Chi l’ha visto is an evening program dedicated to news stories about missing persons and unsolved cases, with an average share of 7%. Federica Sciarelli conducts the program through reconstructions of the events that took place thanks to journalistic and audiovisual material, phone calls about sightings or further clues provided and interviews, in the studio or in connection, with family and friends of the missing person to better frame the case in question. You can count on a very active team of collaborators and on the support of viewers who can interact with the production also via the website.

    Mi manda Raitre

    Mi manda Raitre is certainly one of the first investigative broadcasts of Rai, and has an average share of 6%. Born in the 90s with the name Mi manda Lubrano, it has now become a program of great civil value since it deals with defending the rights of consumers who report cases of waste, public administration and scams to the detriment of citizens. Journalist Lidia Galeazzo conducts the investigation thanks to several specialists, guests on the show, and to Federico Ruffo, author of many reports for Report.

    Sources: Auditel and Rai official websites

    Advertising campaign on Rai 3

    A television advertising campaign does not focus only on one channel, but includes a package of commercials across the network, in this case RAI, both because the advertising budget is optimized when there is good channel coverage and a high frequency of commercials, and because it is necessary to move in this way to cover the target object of the communication. However, it is possible to purchase packages with total coverage of a program, in the case of a request for focus on a particular program such as Mi Manda Rai 3 or Che Tempo Che Fa. For these programs there is a specific list price, with figures of a few tens of thousands of euros, to which a substantial discount must be applied depending on the time of year.

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