Sky is a pay-TV platform belonging to the international group of the same name. Sky’s television offer consists of 122 thematic channels, divided into packages, such as sports, cinema and entertainment. The target is very broad and varied: while sports channels attract the attention of male individuals of all ages (especially on weekends) the cinema and entertainment channels are more generalist, attracting almost all types of target. Added to these are channels such as TV8, Cielo TV and Sky TG24 and the FOX channel package, purely dedicated to TV series.

TV8 is the generalist channel that winks at a female target (in particular during the morning, thanks to Every Morning) or family for most of its programming. In programming, original productions or repeats of exclusive pay TV content dominate. In prime time, however, the schedule is mainly occupied by film productions or sporting events such as the UEFA Europa League matches of Italian teams.

Cielo TV, on the other hand, is the free channel of the Sky group aimed purely at families. Its programming is occupied almost exclusively by repeats of programs already aired on pay-per-view channels. Cielo’s target audience is between 18 and 49, looking for reality shows, factual programs, TV series and films.

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    Sky TG24 is the group’s free all-news channel. The programming features over 7,000 hours of live broadcast each year, of which 3,500 are dedicated to in-depth analysis. Sky TG24 focuses mainly on the story of reality and major current issues, such as great migrations, climate change, the future of the world of work or that of energy. All through an increasingly modern and innovative narrative also from the point of view of formats and languages. Every day, the schedule presents 15 editions of the news. Always considered by its public to be an authoritative and punctual voice, Sky TG24 reaches an average of over 3.6 million unique viewers every day, 10 million a week, 18 million in a month.

    Sky also offers an Addressable TV service, a method of delivering advertisements on digital TV that allows you to show specific advertisements based on the characteristics of the household, through a combination of technologies for the delivery of advertising content and analysis and segmentation of the audience. On average, the broadcaster’s advertising campaigns reach over 15 million potential customers throughout the country.


    Target and average audience of Sky channels

    Considering that Sky offers paid packages for its customers (except the free-to-air of TV8 and Cielo), the target audience is of a high socio-economic level and therefore with above-average income, as well as with a greater presence of consumers with degrees or senior / middle management positions.

    Precisely for these characteristics, the average audience turns out to be less than 10 percentage points, with peaks of 8-9% typically in correspondence with important football championship or Champions League matches.


    How much does it cost to advertise on Sky?

    Sky’s advertising offer is decidedly articulated and includes various proposals and packages that vary according to the period, the schedules and the duration of the commercials requested (typically 10, 20 or 30 seconds). It is also possible to plan only Free-to-Air networks such as Cielo and TV8, or even satellite channels, with the possibility of reaching all Sky, Sky Q, Sky Go, Sky on demand, Sky via fiber users, etc.

    The minimum budgets to carry out an advertising campaign on Sky can vary from a few tens to several hundred thousand euros depending on the selected commercial policy package, including for example: Random, Thematic Channels, Special Formats, Targets and Sponsorships. For this reason it is advisable to ask for a specific quote, designed according to the real needs of each advertiser.

    For budgets of less than € 10,000, specific packages are still available, typically relating to AddressableTV which provide for the viewing of the spot only for certain target categories or geographical areas of Italy.

    As you can understand from these few lines, our job is therefore to define together with the customer what his needs are and to provide the best quote from the point of view of price and effectiveness. To request the cost of an advertising campaign on Sky networks, it is therefore advisable to contact us for a free consultation by filling out the information request form on this page or within the pages dedicated to the individual channels.

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