The diversified offer of Sky packages allows the public to have tailor-made programs available according to different preferences. As far as entertainment is concerned, the programming is very rich: among the public’s favorite shows there are talents such as MasterChef and X Factor, but original TV series produced by Sky Italia such as Gomorra and Romulus are also very popular, and those with character more international like Gangs of London. The fields of art and culture are also offered in the form of documentaries and programs designed for the most curious.

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    One of the most popular culinary talent shows in the entertainment offer is broadcast on Sky Uno, MasterChef, a format imported from England in which competitors compete in the kitchen. The judges must consider not only the dishes but also how they are presented, the combinations of flavors, the knowledge of the products used and the skills of the cook in different situations staged by the challenges they propose, such as the “Mystery Box” and the “Pressure. Test”. In addition to the chefs, such as Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Bruno Barbieri, celebrities and well-known personalities also participate as special guests. The program is one of the most popular, with share peaks ranging between 6 and 7%.

    X Factor 

    Among the talents of the X Factor platform, he is one of the most followed and commented on social networks, with an average of 870 thousand viewers for live coverage on the channel. Arrived on Sky in 2011, the program is based on a musical competition between various competitors divided into categories, whose path is taken up by the casting up to the live show in the evening, which records excellent ratings. The judges assign the singers the piece of the week they have to work on and bring to the stage, in a real live performance. The broadcast is enriched by additional appointments such as Xtra Factor, in which the conductors interview the competitors in the heat. Among the winners there were well-known personalities of the music scene such as Marco Mengoni and Francesca Michielin.

    4 Ristoranti 

    The famous program with Alessandro Borghese 4 Ristoranti managed to have a notable success among viewers thanks also to its free-to-air presence, first on Cielo and then on TV8. Four restaurateurs, with certain characteristics based on the episode, challenge each other by opening the doors of their kitchens; their activity is judged not only by Borghese but also by the other competitors according to the location, the service offered, the proposed menu and the bill. The winner gets 5,000 euros in cash to invest in their premises, as well as excellent visibility. The episode shot in Venice, for example, reached about 700,000 average viewers, recording an absolute record.

    Game of Thrones

    Game of Thrones, the HBO television phenomenon, has been broadcast on Sky since 2011, the debut year of the series, managing over the years to involve a large percentage of the public. Season 8, for example, had a 62% better debut than the previous one, reaching over 900,000 average viewers. On that occasion, the episodes were broadcast simultaneously with the United States during the night and re-proposed later in prime time on Sky Atlantic. Being the most viewed acquisition series ever on Sky, it has a particular relevance within the schedule. The offer varies from individual episodes to in-depth studies and marathons organized over several days.


    Among the most successful original Sky Italia series, broadcast for the first time in 2014, there is certainly Gomorra, based on the novel of the same name by Roberto Saviano. An exceptional cast, including Salvatore Esposito and Marco D’Amore, interprets the stories of drug dealers and criminal organizations managing to involve and thrill the public. Season 4, for example, had an 80% stay on the channel, reaching more than 800,000 spectators, and the series, exceeding all expectations, was even sold overseas, decreeing its success.

    Sources: Auditel

    Cost of advertising campaign on Sky Entertainment

    The cost of a TV commercial on Sky Entertainment varies according to various aspects. The job of a media center such as Spada Media Group is precisely to program the best possible campaign from the point of view of the price (€) and the audience (gross contacts or GRP) for the customer’s target of interest, thus optimizing the effectiveness (cost per GRP). This work is carried out taking into account the requested Sky channels or broadcasts, the commercial policies in place in the period of interest and the quantity and quality of the advertising spaces assigned (for example for Sky a commercial purchased from a thematic package on Entertainment clearly has a audience and therefore a different cost compared to one purchased on a Sky Random package, and therefore with a more generic audience). To request an economic proposal for an advertising campaign on Sky Entertainment or on the entire Sky network, or Rai, or Mediaset, you can fill out the information request form by clicking on the button below.