The all-news channel of Sky group dedicated to news is Sky TG24. The channel, which is visible to both Sky subscribers and free-to-air on digital terrestrial, broadcasts the news every half hour with the most recent updates. It is therefore characterized by the timeliness and topicality of the information packaged for its viewers (with an average of over 4 million unique viewers). On the occasion of salient events such as elections or important news events, it proposes an ad hoc programming with long live broadcasts and in-depth analyzes with guests. The headings are different: TG24 Business, on finance and markets; Timeline, focused on topical issues; TG24 Mondo, linked to international news; Showbiz, on the world of entertainment. 



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    Advertising on Sky TG24

    It is possible to advertise on Sky TG24 by accessing packages of television commercials relating to the Sky offer and therefore with national coverage. The packages provide for the purchase of TV commercials during the advertising breaks of the news programs, as with the purchase you adhere to a thematic package dedicated to News.

    The spots of the Sky News thematic package, which also include passages on Sky TG24, can be enjoyed by users MySky, Sky Q, Sky via fiber, Sky Go, Sky on demand etc.

    If you are interested in other News channels, you can find further information in the section dedicated to TGCOM24 or Rai News 24.

    To request a quote for Sky TG24 or on other news channels, you need to fill out the form on the page.