TV8 is a generalist channel of the Sky group, with an annual share average of over 2%. Born as MTV, the channel was transformed in 2016 into a container of programs already aired on pay-TV. The most followed are 4 ristoranti by Alessandro Borghese, X Factor and MasterChef, along with several TV series such as Gomorra and New Girl. The events broadcast in the clear on the program include the night of the Oscars and that of the Golden Globes, while the information is entrusted for the most part to editions of Sky TG24 and TG8, live in the afternoon.



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    Cost of advertising on TV8

    The cost of a TV8 TV commercial campaign varies according to several aspects. The job of a media center such as Spada Media Group is therefore precisely to plan the best possible campaign from the point of view of price and audience for the target of customer interest. This work is carried out taking into account the preferred time slots, the commercial policies in place in the period of interest and the quantity and quality of the advertising spaces assigned (for example, a commercial broadcast in the prime-time of a main channel has an audience and therefore a higher cost than one broadcast at night on a smaller network). You tend to never plan a single network at a time, so to request an economic proposal for an advertising campaign on TV8 or on the entire Sky network, or even RAI or Mediaset, you can fill out the information request form by clicking on the button below.