The main target of LA7 is a mature, educated, culturally sophisticated and high social status audience.

The advertising offer is in line with this type of target, which particularly appreciates the broadcaster, believing it to be able to offer quality content, 24/7 information, sophisticated, high-value content and satirical entertainment.


LA7 is the television company of the Cairo Communication Group, which aims to tell the news through insights, pluralism of voices, competence and professionalism.

The schedule mainly offers informative and in-depth content. Added to these are entertainment products designed for intelligent, interesting and fun television.

LA7 also offers digital and on-demand services, which allow the user to enjoy the content from all devices.

The programming responds to the growing demand for quality desired by the public, with talk shows conceived and conducted by well-known journalists, impartial information and proposed with originality, carefully chosen sports and film events. Over the years, the broadcaster has strengthened its niche positioning within the television market, especially thanks to the information format, generating great growth in the audience, which is still highly loyal. Among the main top programs of the network, we find Otto e mezzo, Non è l’arena, A clean square, DiMartedì and Propaganda Live.

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    Also of particular interest is the broadcaster LA7d, the group’s channel dedicated to a younger and more female audience, which presents programming mainly based on entertainment and cooking programs.