Communicate effectively with videos

In recent years, a trend has grown more and more that sees video as the absolute protagonist in the world of communication. Long or short, realistic or for infographics, video is now the format preferred by users inside and outside social media and also the most used by companies that want to promote their brand, their products or give a new look to their corporate image. Video is in fact the ideal tool to communicate concepts and values ​​in a simple, immediate and impactful way, whatever its content and specific function.

Spada Media Group offers a complete service that goes from the realization to the diffusion of the video taking care of the directing and editing aspects together with the client and managing the relationships with the video makers. Once the video has been created, it is possible to convey it and spread it on different channels: social media, video sharing platforms, Direct Email Marketing or more simply it can be used internally for corporate events and activities.

To meet the different needs of its customers, the Agency offers different types of videos depending by the function it has to perform, whether it is an emotional video made with stealmatic or spectacular shots made with drones.


The main types of videos we offer are:

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    a professional video that tells your events


    for personal branding or corporate presentations


    to explain a concept with simple illustrations


    for a spectacular and emotional shooting


    to do education and help the consumers


    for a real spot with director, location and actors


    to transmit the time passing


    to animate a comic with a presentation

    YouTube Advertising

    Spada Media Group also deals with the management of advertising campaigns on YouTube in different formats (TrueView, Bumper Ads, etc.) and, thanks to the highest level of partnership with Google (Premier Partner), it can guarantee maximum optimization budgets and conversions. By relying on Spada media Group, it is possible to count on a single interlocutor for the entire duration of the project, from creative ideation to lead generation, going from making the video and from the advertising campaign.

    Phases of the project

    1. Video design

    The video design phase starts from the evaluation of the customer’s requests. Following specific briefs, the objectives of the activity are identified and from this information the most suitable professional videomakers are identified and the video project is developed. In particular, the analysis of the client’s brief must include:

    • type/style of the requested video (event reportage, spot, motion graphic, etc.)
    • format and destination of the video (horizontal/vertical, use for sites, for social networks, TV, etc.)
    • basic elements for storyboard structuring
    • location in which to shoot (showroom/client offices, external location, professional studio, etc.)
    • possible involvement of actors/extras
    • selection of background music/possible voice over/presence of subtitles
    • timing for filming and for the final delivery of the video

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    2. Video shooting

    The professional videomakers, together with any other audio-video operators, provide for the operational realization of the shots, using professional equipment (video cameras, tripods, accessories, flash lights, drones, etc.). The service can take place at a location indicated by the client or at a professional studio, and the duration is variable depending on what was agreed in the design phase.

    Timing: 1/2 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    3. Video editing and post-production

    Once the shooting is complete, the videomaker takes care of the video editing and post-production with graphics, logos, animations, superimposed texts, any subtitles, background music, voice over, color correction, etc. On the basis of the customer’s recommendations, any changes and corrections are made up to the final version of the video.

    Timing: 5 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)


    4. Final delivery

    Once the final version is approved, the video is delivered to the customer in the required formats, usually through a wetransfer or DVD file. If required, the Agency can directly take care of uploading the video within the required channels (website, social media, etc.).

    Timing: 2 working days (to be confirmed based on the specific project)



    Staff employed

    • Account Manager: he is the reference figure for the customer and is responsible for managing all the operational phases related to the creation of a video, acting as an intermediary between the customer and the videomaker.
    • Professional videomaker: takes care of the shooting and subsequent editing / post-production of the video, through the use of professional equipment and software.

    Plus of the service

    • Promote the recognition and memorability of the brand thanks to the creation of professional videos, with a recognizable and impacting style, in keeping with the customer’s image.
    • Improvement of the corporate image and support in achieving the objectives set through successful communication.
    • Provide high-level and completely customized video material on the customer, easily usable in different contexts, from the website to social campaigns.

    Why choose Spada Media Group

    • Collaborations with highly specialized professional videomakers and photographers
    • Internal Graphic Design department, professional and updated on the latest trends
    • Consulting approach with a focus on digital marketing
    • Single agency for cross-media campaigns
    • Creation of off-site and on-site strategies aimed at specific objectives
    • Constant monitoring of campaign performance
    • Dedicated team of digital communication specialists
    • Training and continuous updating
    • Google Premier Partner Certification
    • Accredited Professional Bing Ads
    • Facebook and Linkedin Marketing Partner
    • Prestashop Partner Agency
    • Mailup Partner

    Case Histories

    CNP Partners

    Four Videointerviews Tutorials with Motion Graphic animations were the optimal solution for dealing with complex and abstract topics such as “multi-branch policies” and “separately managed” products. The videos were also promoted with a campaign on YouTube aimed at a target with savings and finance interests.


    Regione Lombardia – Unioncamere