Grand Hotel Cadenabbia and Menaggio

Managing social channels for the tourism industry

Social media management for the Cadenabbia and Menaggio grand hotels. Creating an engaging and authentic online presence through targeted content strategies and visual storytelling. Active management of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and use of advanced targeting techniques to effectively reach interested audiences and stimulate direct bookings.



Strengthen the Brand Awareness of the two Grand Hotels on Lake Como towards the Italian and foreign target audience within the social channels.


To develop the communication of the two hotellerie brands in a more modern and dynamic way, to show the public the possible vacation offers on Lake Como.


We re-launched the social image of the two Grand Hotels through a number of shoots carried out during the seasons at the facilities, featuring our models. The resulting images were used within social channels to communicate, with posts and stories, the facilities to the Italian and foreign public. The campaign was then supplemented through foreign sponsorships, with the goal of generating leads and attracting new potential customers. A number of influencers, mainly from abroad, were welcomed to the hotels during the activity and the content they created shared in social editorial plans to communicate their personal vacation experience. The communication journey was then successfully concluded with the development of a new logo for the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia.


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