Our creative team is the instrument of expression for all our other business units. This allows us to be quick in project implementation and operation, both internally and externally. The people on this team have acreative attitude that combines well with the analytical spirit of the other teams. These two souls make us a versatile and dynamic group: we can always imagine new solutions that turn out to be real, concrete and original. In setting up campaigns, we always try to identify the most effective visual and conceptual message for each project through our constant listening and dialogue with our clients.

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Brand Identity &
Graphic Design

Spada Media Group stands out for providing advanced services in the field of visual communication and brand strategy. Our portfolio includes Graphic Design and Brand Identity services, through which our expertise brings to life an elegant and incisive visual language capable of capturing and conveying the unique essence, core values and cutting-edge vision of the brands that choose to partner with us.

In this context, Brand Identity is not limited to a simple graphic representation, but evolves into a complex and engaging visual narrative that speaks directly to the brand's target audience. We work closely with our clients to capture their brand identity in depth, an approach that allows us to create visual solutions that faithfully reflect their corporate image and amplify their message in a consistent and impactful manner. This is achieved through a synergy between logo design, corporate image and other visual elements, ensuring effective and consistent communication across all communication channels.

Creativity for advertising campaigns

Our agency is passionate about developing innovative concepts for advertising campaigns. Our expertise includes the creation of campaigns focused on specific media, such as television or radio, to the development of cross-media campaigns, which integrate various channels for more effective and engaging communication. In particular, we stand out in the development of Guerrilla Marketing strategies, where originality and surprise are key elements.

For these campaigns, we design unique and memorable experiences that stimulate direct interaction with audiences and promote active engagement. Our goal is to create advertising messages that not only reach, but also emotionally engage the audience, leaving a lasting impression and fostering an ongoing dialogue between the brand and its consumers.

TV and Radio Commercials

We offer a production service for commercials destined for TV or Radio that we design thanks to a dedicated in-house team and an important production network that allows us to create high quality projects. Creativity working closely with production-this is the secret of our commercials' success. In fact, our teams are able to follow every stage of design and production ranging from image processing, directing choices, casting and location scouting, to shooting, editing and post-production.

For TV commercials, writing a script that best captures the essence of the brands' message and transforms it into an impactful visual narrative is essential. Cast and location selection is driven by the need to reflect the brand identity and target audience. The editing and post-production process is when our creativity and technical expertise combine to refine every detail, from color correction (color correction) to the addition of special effects, in order to achieve the desired result.
Regarding the production of radio commercials, creativity is the ingredient that distinguishes an impressive ad from an ordinary one. In a medium like radio, where the only tool available is sound, the ability to use words, music and sound effects becomes critical in creating an effective and engaging radio commercial. Indeed, our goal is to generate a strong emotional impact and ensure that the brand message resonates and persists in the memory of the audience.

Photographic services

Our photo shoots are supervised by talented professionals who pay attention to every technical and artistic detail and are able to convey through each shot the values and essence of the brands. We ensure that each element of the multimedia production is in perfect harmony with the corporate communication strategy, increasing the effectiveness of the message. We work carefully on every aspect of the photographic process, from composition to post-production, to ensure that each image reflects the quality and identity of the brand and communicates effectively with the target audience.

Visual storytelling, in fact, is key to conveying, through each shot, the brands' values and essence.We ensure that each photograph is an accurate expression of the company's message, constructed through careful choice of framing, angles, and lighting techniques.

Design of
exhibition stands

In our approach to booth design for events such as trade fairs, we particularly aim to attract the attention of the public while effectively communicating the history and values of the companies represented. Each booth is designed as an immersive experience, where the design, colors, lighting, and use of space are carefully crafted to reflect the brand identity and create a welcoming and inspiring environment. We work closely with companies to make sure that every element, from the materials used to the graphics displayed, is in line with their image.

Our goal is to create booths that are not only visually appealing but also functional, facilitating interaction and communication with visitors, and that leave a lasting impression, thus contributing to the company's success at the event.

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