Spada Media Group: Creare una campagna di lead generation efficace con Google Ads

Advertising online is not everyone’s job: the web, in fact, offers infinite potential, but you have to be really good to be able to make the most of it. For this reason, if you intend to start an advertising campaign, it is advisable to contact experts in the sector, who know how to use the tools that the internet itself – or, more precisely, the main search engine globally, namely Google – in the most effective way. – makes available for this purpose.

One of the primary objectives of an online advertising campaign is to create lead generation, i.e. to expand the network of contacts in order to increase the pool of potential customers interested in certain products or services. So let’s find out what are the tools that Google offers to increase leads and offer greater visibility to your company.

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Tips for planning a Google Ads campaign to generate leads

For online advertising campaigns, Google offers a specific product: Google Ads, the knowledge of which opens the doors to be able to make a difference on the web and catalyze the interest of many new potential customers.

To organize an effective campaign with Google Ads and create lead generation, it is good practice to follow some simple precautions:

  • Identify the target audience: you cannot sell a product or service without knowing who you are targeting. The definition of a specific target is therefore an essential prerequisite for planning a successful advertising campaign. Through Google Ads, this is quick and easy because the tool will only display an ad to users who may actually be interested in purchasing a particular product or service. There are numerous possibilities for segmenting the target audience: from age to gender to language or geographical proximity and, relying on industry experts, it will be even easier to create a lead campaign that is as targeted as possible.
  • Monitor competitors’ activities, in order to create an original lead campaign, capable of beating the competition.
  • Take care of every detail of the ad: without effective communication, which combines copy as comprehensive as possible with eye-catching graphics, even the best marketing expert can find it difficult to get an advertising campaign off the ground. The objective of an advertisement is in fact to be able to capture the interest of users and, for this reason, it must contain relevant keywords, accompanied by the link to the landing page and the call to action, i.e. the invitation to perform a specific action. , such as “register” or “buy”.
  • Create a landing page. An advertisement is more successful when linked to a specific landing page. To give a concrete example, if you sell refrigerators and create an ad dedicated to a particular model, by clicking on it, users should find themselves on the page of the company website dedicated to that specific product (on which, perhaps, the “add to cart “). Speaking of landing pages, we must not forget that, in addition to being immediately usable for the user, it must also be optimized, which means that it meets certain requirements, including being Google-friendly, loading quickly, having original content ( therefore, copy-paste is prohibited, a loophole which, although at first glance it may seem easy and fast, in reality has a boomerang effect, since Google penalizes content copied from other sites, making them end up in the queue for user searches) and have a captivating and easily distinguishable call to action. Nor should we neglect the section dedicated to contacts, perhaps by inserting a practical form through which users can get in touch with the company quickly and easily. Another important criterion that a well-made landing page must respect is that it can be easily navigated from any device. In this case we speak of responsive design, because users can browse the site both from a computer and from a mobile device.
  • Analyze conversions. To understand if a Google Ads advertising campaign is actually successful, you need to track conversions. Speaking of monitoring activities, it is also advisable to define which are the reference KPIs (i.e. the key performance indicators): to create lead generation, one of the main ones is the CPA, i.e. the cost per acquisition, a factor that allows us to understand the value of a lead, in order to define how much to invest to make it happen.


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