Campagne Shopping Google Ads: come si realizzano e quali vantaggi offrono

Google Ads Shopping Campaigns: how they are carried out and what advantages they offer

Google Ads Shopping campaigns are great tools to increase the conversion rate of your website. While not very easy to organize, the support offered by Google is considerable, thanks to the massive automation of a large part of the work to be done. Here is a short vademecum to learn more about Google Ads Shopping campaigns and make the most of them to implement your business.

What is Google Shopping

Before discovering how to plan a successful Shopping campaign, it is a good idea to know what Google Shopping is: it is a service offered by Google to those who sell products or services, allowing them to advertise their products in an effective and captivating way. By comparing the different retailers, the user has the opportunity to choose the one that is most in line with their needs.

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In practice, the operation of Google Shopping is very simple: when a user searches for a certain product or service, Google offers him those offered by your site and those of your competitors. When the user clicks on your ad, Google automatically redirects him to the page of the advertised product on your e-commerce.


How is a Google Shopping ad made? In a very essential but at the same time exhaustive way: it must in fact include an image, the name of the product, the price, the brand that sells it and, if necessary, additional information such as shipping costs or reviews of other customers .

Currently, Google Shopping is active in over 40 countries around the world and, while not the only tool for comparing purchases, it is certainly the most popular.

Google Ads Shopping Campaigns: Why Organize Them

Is planning a Google Ads Shopping campaign worthwhile? Certainly. First of all, because many people are looking for products to buy through Google and, consequently, advertising on this search engine allows you to be present exactly where most of the potential customers are. Google Shopping, then, does a lot of work automatically: this means that, thanks to its algorithms, information about your e-commerce is extracted and ad hoc ads created based on relevant search queries. If we were to list a number of reasons for organizing a Shopping campaign we could therefore include:

  • This is a very effective way to get high rankings on Google;
  • It shows the products, it doesn’t just describe them. And, in a society where image is everything, this factor can often be decisive for guiding a purchase choice;
  • Go straight to the point: compared, for example, to a video campaign, you go straight to medias res. A user searches for a particular product and Google offers it to him, accompanied by all the information they need. Fast, clean, effective.

How a Google Ads Shopping campaign works

The functioning of a Google Ads Shopping campaign can be summarized as follows:

  • Google’s algorithms automatically process a file called product feed that contains all the information relating to your e-commerce, from product names, accompanied by their descriptions, images and prices;
  • Google uses the data to match products to relevant search queries typed by users, thus creating the actual ad;
  • Users looking for certain products see the ad and, if interested, click on it, landing at the same time on the product page of your e-commerce.


Of course, this is a paid service, because for each click on the ad, the retailer is required to pay a small fee to Google.


How to create a Google Ads Shopping campaign

To create a Google Ads Shopping campaign, you must first have a Google Ads account. Is it possible to do it yourself too? The answer is yes. In theory. In practice, however, it is a bit different, because to maximize the effectiveness of an advertising campaign on Google (including a Shopping campaign) it is advisable to contact professionals in the sector, able to make the most of these tools. In any case, from the dashboard of your Google Ads account you can select the item relating to the creation of a Shopping campaign, choosing between two options: the Smart campaign and the Standard campaign. Compared to the second, the first offers many more advantages, including the fact that your ads are visible on multiple networks, including the Search network, the Display network, YouTube and Gmail. Finally, all that remains is to fill in the last required fields, such as the budget, and start your Shopping campaign.


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