Google Ads video campaigns: a new way to advertise

Google Ads is a great tool for generating leads and increasing sales. However, the increase in competition has also led to the growth of other companies that use the same keywords as your brand and, consequently, planning a successful advertising campaign on Google has become increasingly complex.

A possible solution to get out of the impasse of facing increasingly fierce competitors is to invest in Google Ads video campaigns, which still an important slice of the market does not know or, at least, does not use. Furthermore, planning a Google Ads video campaign is also worthwhile from an economic point of view, since, net that the costs for advertising on Google vary according to the market sector and the keywords chosen, it saves a significant part of the budget, which can thus be reinvested in other activities aimed at the growth of your brand.

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Here is a brief summary of what a Google Ads video campaign is and how it can be planned for maximum performance.

Google Ads video campaigns: what you need to know

Google Ads video campaigns allow you to view video ads on YouTube and on all Google sites and applications. One of the most useful tools that this type of advertising campaign offers is demographic targeting, which allows you to reach your target audience more effectively. The options regarding targeting are quite basic, such as age, gender, interests, but they are still useful for identifying the most suitable target to turn to and thus have greater control over who sees our ad.

TrueView videos: how they work

Google Ads video campaigns use specific videos, called TrueView, which allow you to provide important feedback to advertisers, for example about who the users are viewing a particular video or where they come from. There are three main video formats offered in TrueView namely in-stream, in-search and in-display. Each of them works slightly differently, but it’s important to know the differences because these are the ones that affect how users connect with a video ad.

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  • In-stream ads: they are played at the beginning, during (usually in the middle) or at the end of the videos uploaded by partners on YouTube. In this regard, we remind you that any user of the platform can be a partner, since they have chosen to host advertisements within the uploaded videos. Users have the option to skip the ad 5 seconds after it has been played; if the ad exceeds the duration of 30 seconds, the advertiser will be charged at the end of this time, while if it is shorter it is charged only if it is reproduced in full.
  • In-search: This type of ad appears in the search results when you search for specific keywords but cannot be played unless the user manually selects the video and it is at this point that the charge is made. to the advertiser.
  • In-display: In this case, advertisements appear to the right of the YouTube video you are watching and are referred to as adv. These videos are also charged to the advertiser when the user clicks on them.

It should be noted that a single ad can appear in different formats, in order to test which is more effective than the products or services you offer or your brand image.


When to use Google Ads video campaigns

Video campaigns are recommended to anyone, be it beginners or professionals already experienced in web advertising: cheap and effective, they are an innovative, agile and dynamic tool to propose your products or services to a specific target. Furthermore, Google Ads video campaigns are very simple both to plan and to manage, also because you can directly use the videos of your YouTube account; in addition, as with other Google Ads campaigns, you can check their effectiveness and make changes to your targeting at any time. For example, if you are about to open a new shoe store, you can use a video campaign to promote the event. The announcement will reach many people who visit sites related to shoes, but also, more generally, to fashion and clothing, even if they are watching videos related to your products on YouTube.


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