Why relying on Google Partner agencies represents an added value?

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The web offers a lot of potential, but knowing how to manage them in the best way can make the difference for your online presence. In this regard, Google has chosen to recognize professional accreditation for users who are particularly skilled in the use of the tools it provides, especially with regard to ADV campaigns: the Google Ads certification. This is a very important recognition, which identifies a user as an online advertising expert. How to get it? It can be done quickly and easily by participating in Skillshop, the dedicated online training program created by Google.

It goes without saying that those who obtain the Google Ads certification demonstrate a series of skills and competences in advertising on the web that undoubtedly represent an added value to effectively promote their online business. But before discovering why it is important to rely on partner Google agencies, let’s see in more detail how Google Ads certification works and what advantages it offers.

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Google Ads certification: what you need to know

As we have seen, having the Google Ads certification recognizes a user with specific expertise in advertising on the web. To obtain it, you need to set up a Skillshop account, passing the tests related to the different thematic areas of Google Ads, namely the Google Ads search network, Google Ads display advertising, Google Ads video advertising and Shopping ads.

Having the Google Ads certification offers many benefits. First of all, it is a way to demonstrate your skills and show them to your customers (the certification, in fact, is in effect a personalized certificate, which can also be printed and stored). The Google Ads certification also allows you to obtain the Google Partner badge or the recognition of Premier Google Partner, offering further added value to your company.

Google Ads certification – available in 22 languages ​​- is obtained after passing the relevant test on Skillshop, by correctly answering at least 80% of the questions proposed. The time available is 75 minutes; if you do not pass the test (or if you abandon it) you must wait 24 hours before being able to repeat it. The certification is valid for one year, at the end of which the test must be repeated in order to renew it.

Why rely on Google Partner certified agencies

The web is accessible to everyone, it is true, but not everyone is able to make the most of the tools it makes available. Therefore, if it is actually possible to advertise yourself, do-it-yourself is still not recommended, because it does not allow you to obtain the same advantages that you have, instead, by relying on qualified experts. In truth, from this point of view, Google’s position is quite ambiguous: on the one hand, in fact, the web giant has started, especially in recent years, a growing automation and simplification of advertising processes, thus addressing itself directly to companies, which in this way have more opportunities to advertise themselves; on the other hand, Big G. has implemented professional recognition, including the Google Ads certification or the Google Partner badge. This ambivalence, in reality, has a very specific purpose: like every company, Google also tries to obtain maximum profit and, for this very reason, it addresses both companies and web agencies, with tools designed ad hoc to simplify campaigns. on the one hand (thus allowing users to organize them themselves) and refine the expertise of professionals on the other. After all, personalized campaigns, created by web agencies, are much more effective than do-it-yourself ones: this is why relying on an agency remains, ultimately, the best choice to get the most out of an advertising campaign.


Google Premier Partner badge: what it is and why it can make a difference

To recognize the companies that demonstrate a series of skills and technical know-how in managing the tools available to advertise, Google has introduced the possibility of becoming a Google Partner. The Google Partner badge is awarded to companies that demonstrate solid experience in the management of advertising campaigns, combined with constant training and updating about the latest industry news: Google rewards the most experts through a badge that can be used inside of its website or corporate image. The Google Premier Partner badge is an even more prestigious award than just Google Partner certification and is awarded to agencies that have at least 50% of their work team members who are Google Skillshop certified. There is also a minimum spend requirement that requires you to have run SEA campaigns for an investment of $ 20,000 or more in the last 90 days. The performance parameters taken into consideration for Premier Partner certification include the structuring of the customer account, quality scores and the use of automated offers.

Since 2018 Spada Media Group has become part of the small circle of Italian Premier Partner agencies – it is estimated only 3% throughout the national territory – able to provide a professional and optimal digital marketing strategy to achieve your business goals.

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