Having a modern website, constantly updated and in step with new technologies is essential to promote and guarantee the visibility of your company. A well-designed website contributes to the enhancement of the corporate brand image, provides opportunities for contact and dialogue with customers and opens up new business opportunities.

For this reason it is important to rely on qualified professionals for the creation or restyling of your website, to ensure users a smooth navigation that allows them to find the products or information they are looking for quickly and intuitively. In addition, a well-structured and content-oriented website will also be able to position itself well among the search engine results and thus maximize its online visibility.

Spada Media Group deals with the creation of dynamic, responsive and easily updated corporate sites independently, also carrying out any integrations with management systems and e-commerce sites. If, on the other hand, an existing site needs to be updated or rejuvenated, without content and domain being lost or distorted, it is possible to make a restyling of the site: this is an excellent opportunity to renew your digital image and improve their online visibility by strengthening the foundations of their web marketing strategies.

In general, websites can be divided into four macro-types:


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The perfect classic website to represent your company, your business and your products

A site with a high level of customization designed specifically for your business

The best way to sell your products online

A web page to host promos, collect leads and much more

Responsive and Mobile First sites

The goal of responsive web design is the creation of websites made up of elements capable of graphically responding in different ways based on the size of the display on which they are loaded, be it desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets. The adapted contents (blocks of text, images, buttons, videos, etc.) are thus navigable and easy to view on any device. The elements that make up a responsive site will in fact organize or change when the screen is resized or the site is viewed from a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet.

It is now known that most of the searches on Google are carried out through mobile devices, for this reason web designers speak of a “Mobile first” setting, that is a set of techniques to create and optimize a website starting from the display and use of the same via smartphone.

Creating a mobile first site involves numerous skills in the field of UX (user experience) that are difficult to summarize here, but we report below by way of example some precautions that a site optimized for mobile must respect:

  • Lightweight and quick to view pages (through the use of optimized and compressed images and files that load quickly)
  • Touchscreen design with easily clickable buttons.
  • Simple graphics and easy to navigate structure.
  • Use of bulleted lists in paragraphs to improve readability and understanding of the text.
  • Use of readable fonts with clear and not too small characters.
  • Content distributed on a single column.


Spada Media Group always creates responsive sites designed for use and navigation from any type of device and screen using professional CMS.