With Digital Marketing we build customized and innovative solutions according to the goals and targets to be reached. Our approach starts withlistening to sentiment: through SEO audits and social analytics we understand what the target audience's perception is of the brand with which we collaborate. This, combined with industry analysis, allows us to find unique and distinctive solutions for our clients. Our strength lies in our multidisciplinary team of highly specialized certified technicians and more managerial and organizational profiles.

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Digital Strategy

Our agency stands out for its ability to provide an integrated and coordinated digital strategy service that embraces all digital communication channels, thus avoiding the fragmentation of marketing strategies that often leads to disappointing results. Very often, in fact, even with large budgets spent, relevant and lasting results are not achieved precisely because of the lack of coordination between the various digital channels used to promote one's products or brand. We believe that a good digital marketing consultancy should tell the client where, how and to what extent to invest their budget depending on their goals, type of business and target audience, never forgetting to study the market and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Web Design & SEO

At the core of our digital offering is website creation, an area where we combine aesthetics and technology to provide the best User Experience (UX) for users. In fact, we focus on creating websites that not only capture visual attention through attractive design, but are also equipped with advanced functionality, facilitating user navigation and interaction. We place great importance on User Interface (UI), designing layouts that enhance user engagement, making the journey intuitive and enjoyable. Our UX/UI approach aims to create a balance between aesthetics and functionality, guiding the user through a smooth and satisfying experience.

This includes the integration of interactive elements such as effective call-to-actions and optimized contact forms to increase the conversion of potential customers. SEO is also a crucial aspect of our digital strategy. By incorporating SEO best practices from the design stage, we ensure that websites are optimized for major search engines. This includes carefully choosing search keywords, creating high-quality content, optimizing meta-tags and meta-descriptions, and improving page loading speed. Our goal is to place clients' sites on the first pages of search results, thereby increasing their visibility and accessibility.

Social & Adv Management

In terms of social channel management, we offer a comprehensive service from strategy to content creation, from post scheduling to community management. We know how critical it is to maintain an active and consistent social media presence to build and maintain a relationship with the public. Therefore, we develop customized content strategies that reflect the brand voice and engage the audience in a meaningful way.

We also specialize in designing and managing adv campaigns on Meta, Linkedin and Tik Tok, as well as Google Ads and Amazon, providing our clients with maximum visibility and precision targeting. We manage all aspects of social campaigns, from creating attention-grabbing graphics and videos to writing effective texts. We constantly monitor performance through specific tools and detailed analysis, optimizing strategies to maximize engagement and reach. We also boast a strong influencer marketing component in our portfolio; in fact, we collaborate with a network of creators from different industries to create targeted, high-impact campaigns. Through these collaborations, we are able to engage diverse audiences in creative and authentic ways, effectively amplifying the brand message. We work closely with selected influencers to ensure that each campaign reflects brand values and achieves desired goals.

Web Marketing Tree

In Spada Media Group we have a distinctive approach that has developed over time from precise marketing models. A key element contributing to our success is the application of the Web Marketing Tree, a marketing model reworked by our team from an earlier American study. This tool allows our strategists to examine the full spectrum of digital activities, selecting those most relevant to each brand and then developing a winning and effective digital strategy.

Every brand, regardless of its size or industry, deserves a customized and well-structured growth path. That is why our work is not limited to providing advice; we will work alongside each company to turn digital challenges into opportunities, helping them understand the digital ecosystem to address it with targeted strategies.

Personalized counseling

At Spada Media Group, we offer comprehensive digital marketing consulting, which begins with the initial analysis through to the implementation and monitoring of digital strategies. This approach allows us to streamline processes, simplifying our clients' experience and solidifying our role as a trusted advisor. Our consultancy is tailored to each client, guided by an in-depth analysis of needs, goals, and target audience. We offer strategic solutions that not only meet immediate needs, but are also designed to deliver long-term results.

Through this approach, we help companies successfully navigate the complex digital landscape, showing them where and how to invest their budget, always with an eye toward differentiation from competitors and innovation. In this way, we ensure that each client achieves its marketing goals, benefiting from an approach that evaluates every aspect of corporate communication.

Our Digital Solutions:


We design and develop websites for SMEs and large companies in compliance with the guidelines set by Google, in order to ensure an optimal user experience from all devices and SEO optimization of the main technical elements that contribute to the positioning of portals among search results.


A well-ranked site in the search results allows for greater visibility and increased organic traffic. With our specialists, we are committed to structured SEO projects tailored to the client's needs.

Social Media

We design customized and dynamic social content strategies and extend social communities with the goal of creating engagement and specific interactions with users aimed at customer loyalty. and maintain lasting relationships with their audiences.

Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns are the most effective paid advertising tool within search engines. allowing you to direct strongly targeted visitors to your website who are interested in topics related to your products and services.


Amazon campaigns represent the most effective advertising tool within the large e-commerce giant. They are run primarily through Amazon Ads and consist of users appearing to be potentially interested.

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